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    VZW Voicemail - Ability to listen to voicemail online


      I am wondering if Verizon Wireless will introduce the ability to listen to your voicemail by way of your computer.  I know of some services that are already doing it; having this feature would give Verizon Wireless customers the option of listening to their voicemail either by way of cell phone (*86) or by way of computer through logging in to the account.  Moreover, having the ability to listen to voicemail via the computer allows one to archive voicemail messages locally; when I had Verizon landline service with voicemail (until recently) I can log in to my account and listen to and archive my voicemails when needed.


      Having the ability to listen to your Verizon Wireless voicemail on your computer in addition to retrieving your voicemail on the cell phone would be a great asset.