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    Changing Phone Number


      I have 2 phones on my plan and we would like to change our phone numbers.  My question is can we have a family plan with 2 different area codes or do they both have to have the same area code? 

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          You can have two different area codes. To change your area code you will need to call in from a different phone and there will be a charge I think of $15.

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            Thanks Budone, for your posting, as you are correct. You can definitely have two different area codes on the same line and on the same Family Share plan. In fact, you can even have two numbers from different states on the same Family Share plan. 


            When changing your area code, Customer Service does need to process this for you. When completed through Customer Service, changing your number does have a one-time fee of $15.00. If you were changing to the same area code, the change can be made online for no charge. 


            Instead of calling Customer Service, please know that I can make the change for you, if you have not done so already. Simply send me a PM with your contact information and I will contact you personally. 


            Please note that if you make the change during your bill cycle, your next billing statement will reflect partial month billing. Partial-month billing is the process of prorating your monthly access and monthly allowance minutes. This is due to the fact that you will have one number for a portion of your billing cycle, and the new number for the rest of the billing cycle. The best day to make a phone number change is on the first day of your billing cycle.


            The first day of your billing cycle is the day after the date showing on your bill. For example, if the date on your bill is the the 14th of the month, your billing cycle begins on the 15th of the month. In this case, the telephone number change should be completed on the 15th, in order to avoid a prorated bill.


            If you decide to keep the same area code, you can change the phone number online for no charge by following these steps:

            1.  Sign in to My Verizon (Using the Account Holder number).

            2.  Locate the I Want To... section.

            3.  In the PROFILEcolumn, click Change Phone Number.

            4.  Select A Line.

            5.  Click Next

            6.  Select the Area Code and Exchange desired.

            7.  Click Next.

            8.  Confirm Phone Number Change page appears.

            9.  Click Submit to process the change. Note


            IMPORTANT:  Notes for Phone Number Changes on 4G Devices

            • A SIM card is specific to one MTN and cannot be moved from number to number.

            • A new SIM card will need to be ordered to activate a 4G device on a different line.

            • A SIM card cannot be used for more than one MTN.

              I hope this information is helpful for you, Ch0406. Have a good day!

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