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    Bluetooth Headset Problems


      The Samsung Droid Charge seems to have compatibility issues with some or perhaps more than some bluetooth headsets/car kits/etc.  I've spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Verizon tech support and even Samsung tech support.  I've had 2 Plantronics Voyager Pro + headsets (sold by Verizon) and 3 Samsung Droid Charge phones.  Phone number two was a dud (probably been dropped or something) and would loose the pairing as soon as I turned the phone off.  The other two phones and headsets all exhibited the
      same symptoms.


      There is an occasional problem where callers can't hear you, but you can hear them. There is no way to know when of if the person you call can hear you unless they are actually on the phone at the same time. Imagine leaving a message for
      your wife saying you'll be home late, or for a client moving an appointment and all they hear is silence. These problems seem to grow until the phone disconnects itself from the headset. To get the phone & headset connected again, you have to delete the headset profile from the phone and go through the process to pair them again.  This whole process repeats every week or two.


      It is my understanding that other bluetooth headsets have similar problems connecting or staying connected with the Charge.  According to Verizon, they won't pursue a fix with Samsung unless they get enough complaints or see enough information in threads like this one.  So if you have a problem like I do, please let us and Verizon know the details.


      If you have a good headset that actually works properly with this phone, I'd like to know that too.  I may need to buy another headset.

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          I am using a Plantronics Discovery 955 and have had no problems pairing the device and using the headset to make and receive calls. I think the current upgraded device is the Discovery 975.
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            Thanks WCMack.  This is the first bluetooth headset (other than Samsung headsets) that I've heard actually works with this phone.  I really like my Charge.  I just think Samsung needs to release a software update to address the serious lack of bluetooth profile support.  Verizon tech support told me yesterday that they are not aware of a problem.  They also said that if they saw enough evidence of a problem, they would go to Samsumg with a request for an update.


            So, my personal mission is to encourge Verizon to do that very thing!  You should be able to walk into a Verizon store, buy this phone and a current technology headset and expect them to work together.  Unfortunately, you can't do this with the Charge!  I don't want to buy yet a second bluetooth headset to replace the one I already own.  And... I shouldn't have to.  Nor should anyone else.


            The Charge does NOT support the Plantronics Voyager Pro +.  Verizon actually has a list of headsets that are supported.  This headset is on the supported list.  My experience and the three other owners I've spoken with say this is NOT the case.


            Copied from a similar thread at androidcentral.com:

            "I've had my Charge about a month and I cannot seem to get it to work reliably with ANY bluetooth. The phone says it has paired, but when I try to make a call (with Bluetooth on), it only goes to the bluetooth about 40 percent of the time. I got a new Jabra speakerphone bluetooth/music player last night. Seemed to pair just fine, but when I tried to make calls this morning, the Jabra didn't even recognize my Charge. In other words, no feature worked and I was not able to use the bluetooth at all - much less the music speaker feature. And don't even get me started on voice dialing...

            Any thoughts/suggestions??




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              For some reason my response posted twice.  No way to delete second post.



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                I have a Voyager Pro + as well.


                I have not encountered a situation where the other caller cannot hear me, however I have had to delete the BT profile and re-pair once.  


                I will say this, for what it's worth; I had 2 LG Revolutions which both had multiple issues.  The BT on the Revo was absolutely terrible.  Very short range, staticy and it would not keep a connection with many devices.  Part of the problem could be that these phones are BT 3.0.  Many of the headsets and BT devices are BT 2.x.  At least that's what I was told when I called VZ on the Revo.


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                  Hi Joe,


                  Thanks for the response.  Verizon told me that the bluetooth on the Charge was not one of the known problems.  I just want them to make it one of the things they push Samsung to fix.  All this new technology is a challenge.  Hopefully somewhere down the line it becomes a benefit for us.


                  Here are my questions for the group...

                  1. What bluetooth headsets, car kits, etc is everyone using?

                  2. Do they work properly?

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                    Here's another problem.  I seem to keep double posting.  I wish there were some way to delete a post if there is a mistake.

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                      Hi Again Joe,


                      I'm rereading your post.  How long have you used the Plantronics Voyager Pro + with the charge?  It could be that you haven't had it long enough to notice the problems.  If you don't have problems, well, I want to know your secret.


                      I really wish I could find a way to not have the problems I'm having.  I've been through two of these headsets and 3 Charges trying to find one that would work.  I've heard from now 4 other Charge owners who own the same headset who all have the same problem I'm having.  I've paired, repaired, pulled batteries and even completed a factory reset.  The problem just won't go away.

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                        ts47 - 


                        I bought the Pro + when I still had the Revo thinking my old headset was the problem.  I got the Charge on July 5th.  I have used the headset every M - F since.  I typically dont use it on the w/e.


                        Funny thing is I actually pair the Pro + to my Charge and a Blackberry Tour at the same time.  I carry the BB for work and the Charge is my personal phone.  The Pro + does an awesome job of pairing between 2 phones.  Much better than my Motorola H17.



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                          I have the exactly same problem and I am used it with Plantronics Discovery 925! I love the Discovery 925 and I never have any issues with it for the past 2 years. I went to the Verizon store at the mall today and they suggest me to get the Motorola CommandOne. I got it because it is on sale and the guy said I could return it with full refund if I still have the same issues!

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