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        rdnkengineer wrote:

        Does anyone know if you have to pay extra to use the 3G Mobile Hotspot on the Droid 2 global? I have not researched it a whole lot and would like to/ have an opportunity to use it if it doesn't cost extra with unlimited data plan.



        Hi Rdnkengineer,

        For $20.00 per month, you can use your Droid 2 Global as its own Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices to it without the use of wires or cables. The 3G Mobile Hotspot feature, which is only available on select devices, includes 2 gigabytes/2,048 megabytes (MB) of data usage for Internet access, sending/receiving e-mails and uploading/downloading files. If you exceed the 2 GB allowance, you will be billed an additional $20.00 and receive an additional GB of data to use.


        I hope this information is helpful. Have a great day!

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          That is $20 extra what I already pay for my unlimited data plan?