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    SIM Card issues


      Hello! I recieved my Samsung Charge in the mail today (a replacement for my Samsung Galaxy). Excited and ready to use my new phone I began to follow the instructions for set up....however it told me to insert my SIM Card....I didn't get one. The Galaxy apparently doesn't use a SIM Card and so now I don't know how to go about getting a SIM Card so I can start using my phone. Can anyone help me?!

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          Are you using the online process in your MyVerizon account to activate the phone? When I recently reactivate my Tbolt, it asked me if I needed to have a new SIM card mailed to me.

          You can also take both phones into a corporate store and have them help you walk through the process of activating the DROID Charge and they will be able to get you a new SIM card.
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            If it's a 4G device YOU CAN REUSE ANY EXISTING VZW 4G SIM CARD. Just go to MyVerizon online and you can yourself MOVE the physical device (IMEI#/MEID#/ESN#) to the desired existing SIM card and reassigned the # for ultimate freedom & flexability. (This is useful for corporate phone deployments!)


            You can also call CSR and they can do it on their side if you don't know the technology or want someone else to do it.


            ALL of the activation can be DONE REMOTELY by calling or online.


            Or if you don't have a existing SIM card from VZW 4G then you can mail you one PREACTIVATED. All you have to do is open the envelope, remove card, insert into phone and boot it.


            Or you can go to a store (faster for non-remote areas!).


            On boot the phone auto-conf's and loads everything automatically and magically from VZW's 4G/'3G network!

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              Thanks for the help, but I didn't have any existing 4G card. It's been taken care of, however. Now I just have to get my behind to a store and pick one up.