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    Picture Transfer via USB cable for LG Octane


      I want to transfer pic from phone to PC using USB cable.  I tried but got a Mass Storage Message.  Afraid I might have loaded my pics onto phone which wasn't what I wanted to do.


      I just want to transfer a picture using USB cable to PC and then be able to see it (where is it stored?) and do things with it.  A picture message isn't what I want (too small).


      Can you point me to pfd file manual for LG Octane (link please), and can you help with transfer problem.  New to LG Octane, and frustrated.






      I'm new here and just posted this in another area ... I don't even know how to find the correct Board.  Sorry.

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          Hi Danajowho,


          Thanks for your posting! You can definitely transfer pictures from your phone to your PC. Please note that this does not work with MAC OS.  When attaching a USB cord from your phone to your PC, your phone will show as a file in your computer. You are able to view the documents in the file, and transfer just one, some, or all of the pictures to your PC. 


          Once you attach the device to the PC, you will see a pop-up screen, and one of the options on your computer screen will be to view the files in the phone. Please click on this option. You will then be able to see all of the pictures in your device. You can then do one of two things to transfer. 


          1.) Drag and drop the file (music / pictures / videos) on the destination tab (Computer ).


          2.) You can right-click the file then click Transfer To PC.


          I have also included a link for the Manual of the Octane. 




          I hope this information is helpful and have a good day!

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            I did all of these step, but I cannot see the pictures I took by my phone at all on Windows Medica Player nor Explorer, neither my phone memory or CD memory. I pull my CD card out and tried to read it through the CD reader, but cannot see anything.  I have to tell you that I also use this CD card for music using Micorsoft Media player to sync my music.  Is the format on the CD card not allow to store picture?!  I can see the music on Wiindows explore.  Can someone help me to transfer the pictures from my phone to PC. I don't have internet service on my plan.

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              Hi Christine B... I am attempting to transfer too, but I am NOT getting pop  up screen which ANY option to view files in phone.. any suggestions?

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hello HarleyMom2008. Do you have a memory card for your Octane? This will be required to transfer media via the USB for this handset. http://bit.ly/JWqAkY As an additional option you could transfer pictures directly with the memory card itself if your computer has a compatible card reader.


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