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    CDMA Phones


      My blackberry 8330 is dead and I am looking for a new one.  I was reading my Verizon user agreement and it states and compatible phone can be activated on my account.


      So does anyone know if the sprint CDMA phones will work on the verizon network? 


      I have been looking at the altell and sprint 8330s on e-bay.  They both offer color options that verizon doesn't and are generally cheaper.

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          First what do you mean by "Dead". I have yet to meet a dead curve that couldnt be revitalized, unless its smashed into a million pieces. If you have insurance turn it in. Sprint's curve will not work, but Alltels might. Since Verizon owns them they might let you authenticate it on the network. It would be best to call and find out first.
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            Dead as in went swimming with it.  Dried it out, and it powered up.  Then it just quit.  Now, it does nothing and will not power up. 


            Does anyone know why the sprint/nextel phone will not work, especially if I wipe it  and install just the RIM software?

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              Just because they are both CDMA doesnt mean one company will let the other authenticate it on the others network.


              Sprint, Telus, Verizon etc doesnt matter there OS work interchangeably. You just have to erase the vendor.xl file. So what I am saying is the software makes no difference who's network its on. The phone would have to be unlocked to work.

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                XtremeBerry is right about the software on the phone and the non-vzw device being authenticated on the network. Further more, Verizon has a specific list of ESNs in their database for all the devices VZW can activate. If a device is not in the database, as a Sprint device would not be, then it cannot be activated by Verizon at all.


                At this point in time it's something that only works in theory, but Verizon will simply not allow it.

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                  So based off my contract then they should let me out without the early termination fee.  I think I will take this up with verizon and get them to either authorize it or let me go without the early fee.  I'll let you all know what I find out. 
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                    Unfortunately VZW will not allow you to terminate your contract without penalty because of a broken device. They would present you with other equipment replacement options before processing the disconnect. But they will not waive the ETF.
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                      I do not believe at all they would let me out of the contract for a broken device.  What I am saying is they would be in violation of the contract if they are not willing to activate a phone from another carrier that is compatable with the network.  As it turns out, I may have found a verizon replacement so it may not even be an issue. 
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                        There is nothing in the customer agreement or terms & conditions that says Verizon is required to activate a non-vzw device. Activation of a non-vzw device is at their sole discretion. But glad you may have found a replacement device. Do you know how to activate it once you get it?
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                          I am good on the activation.  However, there is nothing in the user agreement that says it has to be a VZW phone either, it only specificies compatable. 
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