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    lg cosmos touch shuts off and reboots


      I received a refurbished phone and the first one would shut off and reboot after I write a text...hit send ....and close slider while message is sending....never did it with first one...went to verizon store..it did it to him too...got another refurbished phone...worked fine the first night..when I customized it...it does the same thing...have compared my phone settings with hubby's phone and his is fine..mine..is doing it ...and I am going nuts! What am I doing wrong?

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          have discovered it only does this with my favorites......HELP!!!!!!

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            Joe L

            That is very frustrating to be having resetting issues. I've check with LG and that isn't a known issue. There isn't a setting that could accidentally cause this error. Please send me a PM and I'll troubleshoot the device with you.


            Thank you 

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              Actually..it was an issue but the techno person after 45 min found it and there was a revision on an update in June..have since moved on to other problems....now have a 3rd refurbished phone and the issue with this one is that The Daily Scoop came preloaded on this phone and can't get it off...that is why the second one went back..as the techno guy couldn't get rid of it...so....love the phone but hate what they did. This is draining my battery so badly I can't stand it. 

              I am starting to get a complex ...thinking Verizon is going to mark me as crazy......and...so sick of losing my one ringtone I paid for....

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                and..what is a PM?

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                  Joe L

                  Its very frustrating to be having these daily scoop issues. I would be glad to look this for you. First a PM = Private message where you send me a message directly by clicking on my name. I would get your information and be able to look at your account and see if you had a data block.



                  Per Daily Scoop, the instructions are as follows:


                  -Remove any data blocks

                  -Go into the Daily Scoop application and press next. It will download content.

                  -E-mail us at vzdailyscoopsupport@mobileposse.com to let us know it is on and you have downloaded content, and we will suspend it. 

                  -Once it is suspended, then you can turn the data feature off (the next day), and you will not receive alerts anymore. 


                    Also prior to suspending data please do this to turn off the message notification


                  If Daily Scoop was preinstalled on your phone when you purchased it, you may turn on or off notifications for both Verizon Messages and Bonus Messages through the application directly:


                  1. Launch Daily Scoop: Media Center → Browse & Download menu → Description: http://www.vzdailyscoop.com/dsicon.png (Daily Scoop icon)
                  2. In Daily Scoop: Menu → Options → Verizon Msgs → On/Off
                  3. In Daily Scoop: Menu → Options → Bonus Msgs → On/Off 

                  Let me know if you have any questions. This should resolve the issue


                  Thank you