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    Droid X2 rebooting on its own


      My Droid X2 keeps spontataniously rebooting.


      As you might imagine, this is a bit annoying. it MIGHT be because of the Amazon cloud player, but it rebooted this AM when I tried to fire up the camera, and it's done that afew times before, also when I tried to open the gallery application.


      It rebooted any number of times yesterday but it was running very hot as it was downloading files over the 3g.


      Is anybody else having this problem?



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          You do know that from your post you have probably identified the common issues that users experience, a problem app usually is one of the main reason for rebooting of a device, I would remove all apps you installed or boot into safe made and see if issue goes away... http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=43641

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            MY X2 has rebooted about every other night for the last week since I got it. It usually happens in the night dock when there is music playing through the phone. The entire phone locks up and I have to take it out of the dock and pull the battery then its fine. It reboots fairly often in the car dock too. The other night, it rebooted 3 times and on the last re boot, it made all kinds of noise, I thought the fan belt on my car came off, until it rebooted again, then it worked fine. Otherwise, it's not a bad phone. Waiting patiently for 2.3!

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              Late to this party, but my X2 locks up and I have to battery pull to reboot a lot...and it does it on it's own all the time, usually at the most inopportune times.


              My son's X does it too.


              I can't pinpoint a reason or app or action that causes it except when it's been on for long periods of time and hasn't been rebooted manually, it tends to reboot or lock up requiring you to reboot it.  I treat it like a computer. Your computer has issues when you don't turn it off and reboot occasionally so why should this be any different. The only problem is, it's annoying as **** when you've typed a decent length email and it locks and reboots on its own.



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                It really sounds like you have a rogue 3rd party APP causing your problems. Are there any common APPs that you & your son installed? Can you put your finger on roughly when the issue started - or has this been going on since day 1 with the phone? When you say it happens "a lot" - and assuming by that you mean at least several times a day - I would boot into SAFE MODE and run for an extended period of time, just to see if the problem goes away. if it does NOT reboot on its own, you probably have a 3rd party APP causing your grief. Other options? Just make a list of your APPs and then start Uninstalling them from last-installed date - maybe groups of 5 at a time, then test for a while. A Factory Reset - but turn OFF the automatic reinstall of your Apps.


                Let us know if you can't find the procedure to do either of those & we'll direct you to the instructions. (Try SEARCH bar just above).


                Oh, and welcome ...  good luck.


                edit:  Here's SAFE MODE process per Wildman's post up above :  http://support.verizonwireless.com/clc/devices/knowledge_base.html?id=43641

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                  My X2 keeps on rebooting itself.  Once it rebooted when i was on the phone with my cousin.  My apps are all bought from the market place. 

                  My friend told me that when he was having issues with his phone randomly rebooting, Verizon changed it out for him because it was a bad phone.  I''ve uninstalled and reinstalled all my  apps many time overs but having it reboot at least 3 times a  day is very inconvenient.

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                    I'd have to ask the obvious questions first:


                    - How long have you had your DX2 ?

                    - How long has this REBOOT been going on?

                    - Have you tried running in SAFE MODE for a day - this will rule out a rogue 3rd party APP since you won't be able to launch any of them. You will be constrained to just the default Apps that get installed with the phone. (Instruction just above).

                    - Have you tried the WIPE SYSTEM CACHE procedure?

                    - Have you EVER done a Factory Reset in conjunction with the software updates (Froyo > GingerBread > and later update?) This is highly recommended by some people. Personally I've never had to do this, but if you have that many issues it's probably time to do so -- but don't allow the automatic reinstall of your APPS after the reset .. There's an OPTION in Settings to ensure that.

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                      I've had that same issue across devices. The update killed the original X and the replacement is the X2. The reboot is consistent with the screen being locked while another function is executing: trying to lock the screen right after plugging to charge, trying to UNlock the screen after receiving text messages or voicemail, often times using the desktop charger causes an instant reboot. I've done a factory reset, sd card reformat, removed apps, removing task killers, removing autokill apps from the included task manager...everything! I received a replacement device as well as a new battery and the issue persists while in safe mode IN AN OUT OF BOX STATE. I'm all too aware of apps being a pain so I wiped all of them out. Still no dice. the only consistent parameter being that it's happening on Moto phones! I had an LG Ally that worked just fine with loads of apps installed (system slowed down but that's expected I think). The rebooting and screen freezing is most prevalent with a fully loaded 16 gig memory card inserted. Since the phone is advertised as handling up to 32 gigs I don't understand how half that is an issue.

                      So yeah, that's just my two cents on a priceless issue. I'd love to get away from motorola but I'm stuck for the time being.

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                        Wow ...  very strange ... but I guess there are lemons in all aspects of consumer goods ... sorry you're going through this and can find a solution that works for you.


                        Did you try JUST a Factory Reset and not auto-reinstall ANY Apps ???  Just to see how it runs like that for a few days?  or maybe that's what you meant by "safe mode IN AN OUT OF BOX STATE" ????


                        Good luck.  Hopefully VZN can offer you something.

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                          I guess this phone does good with only the basic apps that come with it. I have been having the reboot issue literally 31 days after I got the phone. I am serious, I counted the days. I am not sure how to fix it, Verizon isn't sure how to fix it, and so i have to deal with it.

                          I have rebooted, unistalled all downloaded apps, and did a factory reset. None of these options lasted a day. I am eligible for a discounted upgrade but I don't think it would be worth it to stick with Verizon.

                          I guess verizons customer service is good because I can talk to someone fairly easy, but when they get on, the only solution i have ever got out of them is to turn off device, take out battery for a minute and then restart.

                          Good luck to whoever has this phone.

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