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    Blocking incoming calls


      I want to block specific numbers from calling.  I read where I can't block a restricted number, but can't find anything about a specific known number..  ANYONE????

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          You can block up to 5 10-digit numbers for 3 months for free. Just log onto My Verizon, scroll down and select the block that says Block Calls & Messages.

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            Thanks Vereyzuhn, you are correct; we offer Call and Message Blocking, so you can block up to five 10-digit numbers per line at no charge for 90 days. Simply log in to My Verizon and click on "Block Calls and Messages" in the "I Want To" section. You can then add the number(s) that you would like blocked. You will have to be logged in as the Account Holder number in order to make these changes. 


            Additionally, your posting mentioned restricted calls. We offer Usage Controls, which blocks up to 20 numbers per line and the block can be permanent. This feature also offers a block on restricted calls and 411 calls, and is $4.99 per line. It offers many more features like setting hard stops for usage, and time restrictions for voice/messaging use. You are able to find out all of the details for Usage Controls by visiting:




            I hope this information is helpful. Have a great day!

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              thank you for helping me figure out how to block a #