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    Make calls over wifi


      I've been searching for a while and have found similar questions but not the exact answers I'm looking for.


      I am looking for a way (app) so I can use wifi to complete calls. I have almost no cell reception at my house and calls are regularly dropped within seconds of connecting. My wife is starting a home business and it is imperative that she be able to receive calls while at home. I understand that Verizon does not offer wifi calling yet and I've read posts that are only a couple months old that confirm that. An app that is only service to service calling (i.e.. fring, skype etc) is not an option because other businesses will need to call her from their non-[skype, fring etc] phone numbers. I'm NOT looking for a way that doesn't use minutes and I'm not looking for a way to to make free calls; minute usage is not an issue. I also do not want to purchase a cell signal booster because we have a land line we can use for calls, but it would be better if my wife had one phone number for her business to be contacted at.


      I'm looking for an app (preferably free but doesn't have to be) that will put a call through using wifi while we are at home. I have a Google Voice number and I know how to forward calls back and forth between my Verizon phone and Google Voice number. If a call doesn't connect to the cell because of weak signal I would like it to be forwarded to the Google Voice number and be answerable via wifi.


      Does anyone know of any apps or methods to make this possible?


      Thanks in advance,