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    Can't send text messages


      Many years ago, my family and I were on an Alltel family plan. We kept our old voice-only plan when Verizon took over for the last several years. On July 5th, we upgraded our plan to a Verizon Talk & Text plan, so we will finally be able to use text messaging. I have my new smartphone (Droid Incredible 2) and it seems really great, except I can't send text messages. I spent several hours on the phone with tech support (went to three "levels"=3 different people) before finding out that it can take 3 days to "port" former Alltel numbers over to the new plan. Well, it's been 3 days and can someone explain to me how I can surf the web, make and receive phone calls, RECEIVE text messages, and SEND PICTURE messages....but I can't SEND a regular, old text message. This makes no sense to me!!! I keep getting a SMS error 64 code 2. PLEASE, someone help!

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          One more thing before a customer service representative recommends I pull the battery out and put it back in or "reactivate" my phone by dialing 228...did that 3 times already! Thanks but that isn't the solution :smileysad:

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            Call Verizon from another phone, choose option 3 for tech support.  When you're on another phone, they can walk you through a variety of troubleshooting steps, and they'll also be able to look at the configuration on your account.  If you were on a very old plan previously, it's possible that there are more configuration steps that need to be done, or that something went wrong during your plan change.


            Try to ask for a rep who is familiar with old Alltel plans if the one you get has trouble.

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              Thanks for your inquiry and I'm sorry to hear it's taken so long to resolve your text messaging issue. When you port a number from another carrier, even if everything else has transferred over correctly, it can take up to 72 hours for the text messaging to port over. This normally only affects sending and receiving SMS to/from other carriers. Verizon to Verizon should still work. If you are still having this issue, there may be some error in the network causing this. Please send me a PM so I can further review your account and submit a trouble ticket to our network team if needed. 

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