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    How can I get better reception?


      I live on a farm on the edge of the Hampton Roads VA area (Norfolk, Newport News, Virginia Beach).  Customer service tells me I'm about 3 miles from the nearest cell tower.  The MiFi reception seems to work well enough, but since I work remotely half the time, I run out of GB's even though I'm on the largest plan right before the end of each billing month.  To avoid the outrageous over charges, I switch to using the hotspot function on my Droid for the last few days of each billing month. 


      The signal for that device is lousy and have a difficult time even staying connected.  Had to restart the hotspot 5 times to complete the registration here and write this post.


      I don't have access to DSL or any cable services (if I did, I'd drop my Verizon Wireless non-voice services completely).


      Does anyone know of or can suggest any way to boost signal for better service?  I have called customer service numerous times and they don't seem to either know or want to help. 

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          Hello.  I have two suggestions that might help your situation.


          Assuming you work indoors and that it degrading your signal, you could get a "booster" (no, not those cheesy stick-on things from TV).  I live in a "black hole" for cell reception and purchased a Wi-Ex Zboost signal amplifier.  There are different models and also other companies that make them.  Basicall it's an amplifier.  You put a foot-long tube on your roof (or probably in your case, you would need a directional antenna) and run coax into the area where your home office is.    Here is a link that should help.   http://www.wi-ex.com/solutions.aspx  You can get add-on antennas so you don't necessarily have to get the professional model.


          The other suggestion, since you indicated a willingness to change providers, is to go with a satellite system.  Probably the most expensive system, but just another suggestion.


          Good luck.  Hope that helps.