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    LG enV3 Transfer Picture Question


      I have the LG enV3.  I have the download cord to transfer pictures to my pc, which keeps telling me there are "no new pictures"  i don't have alot of experience with this, but feel it should be fairly easy.  Just want my pics =:0(


      I do not have text on the phone, so can't go that route.  And yes, I have the SD slot but would rather know the secret....



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          If the pictures are stored on a micro SD card, take the card out of the phone and use a card reader, adapter, or other device to view the pictures on your computer, then move or copy them to your computer.



          Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer and view it as a drive that you can copy files to and from. Some phones require a micro SD card in the phone for this to work; others do not need the card.  Make sure the cable is plugged into a USB 2.0 port ON THE COMPUTER directly, not a hub or keyboard port,  Then go to Menu >> Tools and Settings >> Tools >>USB Mass Storage.  You should be able to see th pics on the card and copy them to the computer.


          These two methods noth work IF the pics are saved to the card.  If they are not, you will need to save them to the card first; go to your pictures, then options, manage pictures - move all to card, or select (mark)  the ones you want to move.


          HTH, post back if you have more questions.

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            I have an LGenV touch and have a microSD card and a card reader. I've transferred the photos on my phone to the card and, using the SD card reader, onto my computer. I have approx 300 photos that show up as .jpg files but there's also  a folder called "cache" that has a bunch of .tn files in it. I think they might also be photos but I have no way of opening them.

            (I saw someone else post about this awhile ago but can't find that thread now and don't know if she was ever answered.)


            I have the Backup Assistant software installed on my computer but can't see any photos there and I don't want to incur any additional subscription charges.


            Can you tell me how to access this "cache" folder and see the .tn files?

            I appreciate your help.