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    cancelled phone


      i had my services cancelled because of stolen phone. would like to have funds and number activated on another verizon phone that i have

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          I suspect your service was SUSPENDED, not cancelled. Turn on the other phone and call *228 and follow the instructions.

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            Thanks Budone!


            Shortie60 if you have not already reconnected your services you can do so online on your My Verizon site or via the IVR system by calling 800-922-0204 and choosing the appropriate option.  You can also PM your name, mobile number and an alternate contact number I can reach you on so I can assist you.  Which ever option works for you is ok.  Please let me know if this helps you.  

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              Sorry to hear about your stolen phone. If your service is suspended, you will first need to reactivate it. You can either go thru our automated system by calling 800-922-0204, or you can login to your My Verizon account to unsuspend. To unsuspend from My Verizon, after logging in as the account owner, select suspend/reconnect under "I Want To..." You can then activate the phone by dialing *228 send, option 1.