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    Apps won't download


      When I go to the Market app & choose new apps to download, they just keep saying "Starting download."  At first I thought I was trying to do too many, so I've stopped all the downloads, but even when I do one at a time it just sits on that screen.  When I go to my list of apps in Market, I have a list of the ones I've picked but none of them ever finish downloading.  What am I doing wrong?  My husband has been loading apps on his X2 all day w/no problems.

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          Are you connected to a Wi-Fi network when downloading? It usually works better and faster over Wi-Fi than 3G.

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            Well no.  We have WiFi in our home but when I try to connect to it on my phone it keeps saying the password is wrong. I'm taking the code right off the router, so I don't know what the problem is with that either.  I love this phone, but I have only had it for about 14 hours and I already want to throw it out the window!

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              Try this ... from your computer, go to the search bar (mine's in the lower left, after clicking on the Windows icon) and type in "Network Security Settings." A box may pop up that shows your password, security key and security type (WPA, etc.). With some devices I've connected to WiFi, I had to type in my security key.


              Also try restarting your phone before trying to download again. Good luck ... don't throw it out the window!  :smileyhappy:


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                Nope, still didn't work.  Thanks anyway!

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                  I realize how important it is to be able to download applications to your Android device. Do you ever get an error message or progress bar when you are downloading applications? One thing I have seen cause errors when downloading applications is due to an issue with the memory card. I would suggest trying to unmount the SD card by going to Settings>SD & Phone Storage, then trying to install an application. 

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                    I am also experiencing this issue: Apps downloaded in the market just sit there, and never start. Also, downloading an app (apk file) via the Browser exhibits the same symptoms. Regular web content loads fine, but app won't download.


                    Any clues? This seemed to start today in the evening.


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                      As suggested, I unmounted the SD card: No difference.

                      Switched to 3G: No difference.

                      Switched to Wifi: No difference

                      Repeated rebooting of the phone: No difference.


                      The phone is updated to gingerbread (since monday or whenever it was announced).





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                        Another data point: Installing apps via amazon appstore (and at least one other 3rd party app store) works fine. Just not via browser and android market? Curioser, curioser.


                        This is REALLY annoying..




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                          Try also clearing cache from the Market.

                          Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Market>Clear data/cache

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