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    Free VZ Navigator?


      From what I read, is the VZ Navigator subscription included when we have the $10/month data plan for feature phones?


      below is the footnote on VZW's website:


      " 75 MB package also includes: Mobile Email plus monthly subscriptions to VZ Navigator® and Ringback Tones (for a limited time). "


      so just to make sure that I am reading this correctly, if I have the $10/month 75 MB plan, and I download and run VZ navigator, I will not be charged anything extra (assuming my data stays under 75 MB for the month)?

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          I have also read this in other forums. I also have something to add to your question. I have the older 150MB data plan and was wondering if the deal (if there is such a deal) is valid on that data plan or if its just for new accounts? Any information would be great.

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            Greetings all! I'm here to answer your questions about VZ Navigator for feature/basic phones. It's true that the 75MB data feature for $10.00 per month did include access to VZ Navigator. If you had the plan prior to 07/07/11, then data usage resulting from using VZ Navigator was unlimited. Adding the feature since 07/07/11 means that usage of the service will deduct from the 75MB allowance. 

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              Okay. I don't imagine Verizon Navigator and accessing Gmail (Provided I don't open attachments) would eat into that 75MB too much?