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    Iphone 4 intermittent sms not going through


      I am having intermittent sms's not going though with my Iphone4.  this started about 3 weeks ago.  What happens is I compose and send a sms to either a verizon or another provider.  The status bar processes as normal and the tone saying the message was sent goes off but the receiver never gets it at all.  I dont get an error or message delivery warning or anything of that nature, i just basically send my messages into space.  It happens periodically and at all parts of the conversation(begining, middle,end).  Its really frustrating cause i dont known its happening until the reciever says they didnt get some of my messages.  So far this has happened to at least 5 people i text regularly.  I have done multiple *228's and no luck.  Anyone else have this problem or know a solution before i go warranty?

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          You mention that it happens at the beginning, middle, and end of your messages. Is the phone sending the message before you have completed it? Do recipients sometimes receive a partial message, or is it the full message they are not receiving? 


          I have checked http://www.apple.com/support and no issues appear there for messaging. I have also checked my references for the Verizon Wireless iPhone and am not showing anything that appears for issues as you describe. I would be happy to troubleshoot this for you.


          Please PM me with your name, mobile number, and contact number. I will be glad to contact you for troubleshooting. 


          Thank you!

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            Did this issue get resolved for you? I am having the EXACT same problem

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              I am having the exact same issues with my texts randomly not going through. I am a constant txter and have not also not been receiving many messages from  many different people as well as they are not receiving mine randomly throughout conversations. My friends often know now to send it 2 or 3 times but I do not know why this is happening more and more the longer I have had my phone.

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                If the sender sends from an iPhone with iMessage turned on, I get the message (shows as blue to them). If they turn off and send another (shows as green to them) the message didn't go through.  Repeatable.


                I can send to AT&T user (I recently switched ((and did resets, *228, etc)), they receive my SMS but their replies don't come through.



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                  Hello gbs,

                  That can certainly be a nuisance. When you send a text message to an iPhone user it will appear as a blue message if their iMessage is on and green if iMessage is turned off. Does this only occur with iPhone users? Can you send a text message to non iPhone users? Also, when sending a text message make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned off. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Turn it off. Additionally, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Try again to send a message. Let us know how it goes.


                  If the issue persists, send me a private message with your name and mobile number for further assistance.


                  Thank you,


                  Lena A.

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