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    Email Provider  shows Verizon on blacklist


      Anyone experience email blocked by email provider because the IP is register on cbl.abuseat.org.

      The instructions say I can remove the blacklist but if it continues the blacklist will become permanent

      Removal of the IP address from the CBL is now pending.


      Has anyone talked to Verizon in the past about a blacklist issue over their data network?

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          I am kind of lost. Are you saying the address is VZW's, because it sure does not look like it.


          It looks like an old a Dead address based on what I have searched. It has been nearly a year since ARIN has been able to validate the address.

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            You are mistaken, sir ... The specified address belongs to Service Provider Corporation (SPC-10), a company that brokers IP addresses to various wireless service providers, such as Verizon. The address is active and current and the gentleman's issue is far from "solved".


            In fact, I have the same issue. VZW's DHCP server regularly assigns me an IP address that was assigned previously to another customer (n sessions ago) ... And, that customer's computer was apparently infected with a NetBot, said NetBot was detected by CBL and the IP address got blacklisted.


            So, suddenly, my session is no longer welcome at my email server.


            In this instance, the other hapless VZW customer has Win32/SpyEye, a well-known malicious exploit that harvests private information and sends it to specific known destinations ...


            Which, if Verizon's security team was on the ball, should have been walled off a long time ago.


            I wrote them about it .. No reply yet ... We shall see ...

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              Nope, not solved ... See thread below ...