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    "Unable to authenticate your phone" message when making calls


      This evening when I was on my way out of work, I got a voicemail message, and when I went to check it I was met with an automated message saying, "I'm sorry, but we're unable to authenticate your phone."  I was instructed to try again later, and if that didn't work to try dialing #8899.  I tried again a moment later, same thing, but I was in a hurry so I didn't pay any mind.  I was able to send text messages and access mobile web like normal; however, when I tried to call my boyfriend a couple hours later, I received the same error message.


      I've tried a number of things to fix it: taking the battery out with and without the phone being on, dialing *228 to program the phone and to update my roaming capabilities (I'm not roaming, by the way; I've got our bars and there's no roaming icon on my display), verifying that my settings should be letting calls through.  I'm wary of attempting a hard reset, because I have quite a few contacts on my phone I'd like saved and no way to temporarily store them short of writing them down manually.  I'm also wary of trying to contact the support line since it's currently 3AM and I've had bad experience calling support for various phone companies.  If there's no other way I'll try either of these methods, but I was wondering if there might be another way to fix this myself.