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    Phone numbers that show on bill for txt messages not phone numbers


      I monitor my son's cell phone usage.  He texts a lot and I used to be able to see all the phone numbers he is texting to and receives from.  Lately more and more of the phone numbers are not phone numbers, just a series of numbers like 0032665114,

      0000265060, 0032665115, 0000032665.  This is what shows when I check the my account online, and it is what also shows when the bill is available.  Is this because the actual phone number is blocked? 

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          Does anyone else have this problem?  Is there a Verizon employee monitoring this blog? 

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            When viewing the details of text messaging online, you may have three different types of codes. One being the ten-digit phone number of the person their texting or receiving the text from. The other two may vary. They could be the codes your currently viewing (0000032665.) or a series of random numbers. The random numbers can be messages due to Instant Messaging text or Premium Messages. Both options uses text messaging. 


            With Instant Messaging, you can, chat with friends and family on the fly with Mobile IM and catch up on the latest news and figure out weekend plans.  The Mobile IM feature is Compatible with: 

              • AOL Instant Messaging (AIM) 
              • Yahoo! Messenger 
              • MSN Messenger

            Premium Messaging is an option to purchase or subscribe to messaging programs, provided by third party content providers, for premium chargers (e.g., charges that are in addition to standard messaging charges). The premium charges for subscriptions recur monthly, while the premium charges for purchases occur only once. Many programs offer both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions. These programs are initiated through special numbers, which are four, five or six-digit numbers, known as Short Codes. They can have a serious of zeros in front of the five or six digit number. Listed below is a link to additional information regarding premium messaging. 




            In order to view the exact numbers based on your account and features, we will need to review your account in more detail. You can PM your phone number SueGoss and we can review the information together.