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    Droid Charge Many Issues


      I have been having a lot of problems with my Droid Charge. I was wondering if other people are having the same issues? This is my first smart phone so I am new to smartphones.



      Here are the issues I have been having.


      1. 4G 3G reception is not consistent. I have been in areas (zipcodes 91304 and 94598) where 4G coverage is solid, but my phone is always down on 3G, and sometimes will even go down to "1X" when other friends around me are on 3G. Sometimes I restart the network connection by going to CDMA and then back to LTE and sometimes this will work, sometimes it won't.


      I went to the Verizon wireless store today and they replaced my simcard. This has not helped however.


      2. Charging using laptop - the phone charges extremely slow, but this isn't the issue because I heard this is normal. One time while charging off my laptop, it got really hot, not sure if it was the screen or battery or both, but the screen no longer accepted touch inputs. I couldn't even hold down the power button to restart or shut down the phone properly. I was afraid it would continue to get hotter, so I had to just unplug the battery to shut off the phone.


      3. Charging in my car using a power inverter and a wall charger (the one that came with the phone) - when I do this, the screen goes wacky, and will not accept my touch inputs, or the puzzle piece you use to unlock will go somewhere my finger totally isn't. I have to unplug the phone in order to get touch input/control back. - this issue was solved by buying a car charger, but I have never had any electronic device that had issues with a power inverter before, cell phones, laptops, TV's, they were all fine so I don't understand why this phone can't use it.


      4. Also, while using GPS, sometimes the phone shows me in a part of town 3 miles away from where I am, and then after a long time, like 5 minutes, it will get my location correct, after jumping around for awhile. I'm not sure if this is normal.



      Has anyone else had these issues and no how to alleviate them?

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          Your charging problem may be due to the particular charging device you are using.  I tried to charge my Droid Charge using a car charger that slipped into my cigarette lighter and that I had bought after-market.  My phone overheated, rebooted, etc.  ... all sorts of problems.  I then went to Verizon and got their prescribed car charger (it connects directly and then has a USB port for charging additional devices such as my bluetooth earpiece).  I now have absolutely no problems charging.     BTW, if you are going to use your phone in your car, I also recommend that you buy the Samung car window holder (sold as an OEM accessory).   You can then connect the charger to it, and use your phone hands free, and as a GPS navigator.  Once in this dock, your phone defaults to car mode, but you can be put into ordinary mode if you want to, by pressing the BACK button on your phone.  The one other quirk with this dock is that the Navigation default fault when your phone is in it is to VZNavigator (I prefer Google Maps to navigate).  You can override that either by pressing the Search button on your phone and use Android Voice Action, or by using your Navigator app from within Applications.

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            The phone does get warm during charging, but you should not lose the ability to use it, as you describe.  I would definitely take it back to the store you bought it from and check this out; you may have a bad battery or a bad phone.


            I believe the phone will also charge faster if you plug it in to a 110 volt outlet, rather than use the USB cord only for charging. 

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              My phone is 4 days old and the 4G reception is unacceptable.

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                With post after post after post with people having the same data issue in this forum and many others across the Internet, wouldn't it be nice if VZW gave us some clue as to the status of this issue that makes their 4G network look like a dial-up at many times?
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                  They need to vamp the new system faster in more areas. Where I live in Houston I get great steady 4g (at a cost of battery life). Out in between tower areas, it drops fast.


                  Anywhere aroudn Houston and immediate sub areas its great. Stady pings without packet loss, nice highspeed connection amazign for wireless. Problem is I cna't spend time out at my babe's house and get a seady connection since they lack towers out there. Seems Nextel owns the region.

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                    I can check your area for 4G coverage. Please send me a PM with your zip code and contact information. I am more than happy to assist you troubleshoot this issue.


                    Thank you!

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                      I'm beginning to think that "Rule the Air" is the BIGGEST LIE in the wireless world or at least, with the Droid Charge.


                      I work in zip code 10041, live in zip code 10036, and work out in zip code 10019. My connection speed regularly drops to 1x or no connection. Sometimes, my phone displays 4G but takes minutes to load Google or return search results.


                      My associate who sits next to me  has the same experience.


                      I've read in other forums that the Dord Charge seems to have WEAK 4G radio (especially compared with the Thunderbolt). Some suggest there's a firmware issue as well.


                      I've mentioned this to a tech service rep who confirmed I shouldn't have connection issues in my area. He also recommended shutting dow the phone every two days. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


                      Also, I've noticed that the battery is draining faster now (after jsut 1 month of use). I usually end up charging my phone at noon at in late afternoon.


                      I wish I could still return this Droid Charge. :smileysad:

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                        I got my phone in late May of 2011. At least twice a day I must soft reset the phone. While Iam talking on the phone,it just dies on me. This won't happen if I reset it first.. When I just got the phone one of the first apps I installed was the swimming fish for my wallpaper. The phone constantly would die on me, It took me two weeks to figure it out.I had too,nobody at the verizon store knew what to do.. I cleaned out all apps after that. And one by one I added apps. Taking the time to see if they affected the running of the droid. There are so many apps out there that do more harm than good. So after two months of droid use I have come to the understanding that this phone is not perfect by any stretch. But knowing what you got and keep all expectations low for now,I think it is possible to enjoy it for now. But, my patience will run out in time if I don't see verizon acknowledge this problem and say so to all who brought in to this thing called droid... 

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                          My wife and I can't even have a phone call for longer than two minutes with one another. Either she can hear me and then I can't or vice versa and we hang up and dial again and sometimes drop the call all together. This is frustrating! Everything else seems to work well minus not being able to log into the my verizon app....ever!
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