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    Accuweather Widget Won't Display Temperature In 3 Digits Correctly


      I swear I only hit to post this once.....this is the third time I have had it double post on me.  Maybe an IE9 issue?



      I have the Accuweather widget that came loaded on my Samsung Charge phone.  Here in Phoenix the temperature is regularly over 100 as it is in many other areas of the country right now.  There is a bug in the widget that whenever the temperature is between 100 and 109 the zero in the middle does not display.  For example, if it is 100 it displays the temp as 10 degrees.  106 displays as 16.  Once the temp exceeds 110 it correctly displays all digits....as it did yesterday when we hit 118. 


      I wrote an inquiry to technical support at Accuweather, and of course, they claim no knowledge of this widget and say to contact Verizon or Samsung as it is their fault.  This is the one thing I detest about new technology as when it doesn't work, no one will help get it resolved, it is always the other party.  I'm sure if I were to write Samsung they would say it is Accuweather that is responsible.


      Anyone else in the hotter areas of the country noticed this?