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    HTC Thunderbolt Power Cycle Issue Fix


      Please someone tell me when the update with the fix for the power cycling issue on Thunderbolts will roll out.  I was told by someone at Verizon that it would be the end of June...  Hello..  This is JUNE 30th and NO update so far..  The rebooting is annoying and irritating and embarrassing when I am on a call.  Unacceptable..  Verizon should have at least made it right and offered us another, comparable droid phone and not forced us to renew our contracts to do it.  This is not our fault.  This is the SIXTH Thunderbolt I have had.  The THIRD one in the last three days.  The problem seems to be getting worse..  Hurry up with the fix or at least offer me another phone.  This one is useless.  

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          I totally agree I've been hearing it would be fixed ASAP and was told the end of June and still no update. I'm very disappointed in how they've handled this problem and not satisfied at all. I'm also tired of the constant reboot and constant trips to the store and also constant loss of 3g service.
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            I agree, I heard the June 30 rumor too and held out some hope.  Its now July and the rebooting continues.  This is unacceptable!

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              Where did you all hear the June 30th rumor? That's all it was - a rumor.

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                July 1st, 2011, approx. 11:30a, I was told by VZW support (take w/ grain of salt and all that)


                1. The update was actually supposed to be released 2nd half og June/2011

                but HTC has not released it yet.


                2. Verizon front loads all the uninstallable bloatware garbage, so they send it

                to HTC, HTC compiles it into the update, then pushes the complete update

                back to VZW for distro.


                3. The latest date given to the poor **bleep** that work for these clowns

                is July 15th.


                4. No compensation is being offered to suckers like us that paid

                for the most expensive phone they have, even tho over the past 2-3

                months, the phone has not worked as advertised or promised.

                The reason?  "Thay have a fix in progress".


                I wonder if I can skip my bill for 2-3 months and tell them,

                "I have cash, in progress, so chill and you'll get it soon enough".




                So there you go..


                TL ; DR

                Verizon says go **bleep** up a rope until Mid-July and if HTC has

                sent us our bloatware infested update by then, you'll get it.


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                  holding my breath for July.....Yea right.


                  VZ and their **bleep** is absolutely comical

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                    Funny, because VZWSupport replied to a tweet that I sent them saying that it is development now to resolve the issue and the official release date is not available.  I think the worst part, for me anyway, is that there is no clear answer of a plan on how or when this issue will be resolved. 


                    In my job, the two things that both Verizon and HTC are doing that confuse me are that they are not communicating to their customers and they are taking a ridiculous amount of time to come up with a solution.  I agree that we don't want them to come out with a sub-standard product as that is what brought us here, but my turn around time with a program concern is five days.  Flat!.  Any more than that and I will be looking for a new job because the industry standard is five days or less.  Now, I'm in the manufacturing and production industry but I wouldn't think that the people that manage their development teams are very happy about any of this if they care at all. I mean, they've made their money from us so the incentive isn't amazingly high.



                    Both VZW and HTC need to come up with something soon and need to let customers know what to expect.  No need for secrecy.


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                      Why do you keep getting new phones for a software issue...
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                        They made the inital profit yes, but you have to know it is hurting name recognition for both parties...they want it resolved as bad as you do
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                          I understand your frustration over this issue and having multiple replacements. We do not have any dates for the software release yet. Any dates mentioned are just rumors and even if we were to guess at dates, those can change at any time.  The last information we received internally is that the fix is being regression tested, and the resolution will be in the next software release. This information was received today. I apologize that I don't have any more information. 

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