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    New PRL Update


      Just in case some people do not know, there should be a new PRL update if anyone hasn't checked in a while. For some reason it didn't let me finish the option 2 update, so I had to try it again and I just chose option 1 instead and it reactivated my phone while updating the PRL. I went from version 52299 to 52363. I have been having 0 to 1 bars for a while here at home and I noticed after the updated PRL it holds on to 2 bars more consistantly. Hope this helps anyone.

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          Hmmm just check mine and that is where mine is already...  Must beem auto done because I havent updated device since GB update...

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            Guess i need to check mine Tooo an see if it has a new one. Wildman got to tell you something those pictures i posted of 3985 i took them in Marysville Kansas. When 3985 an 844 Comes up that way from Nebraska it goes To Topeka then goes to Union Station In Kc your Stomping Grounds.  The next time one of the steamer's are coming up to kc i let you know. an if you have time you can take a look at em.  there impressive when standing next to them an if there moving up the track while your there it's even better but you might wanna pute something over you ears as that steam whistle is a little loud


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              Checked mine on the Dinc. after i done the *228 send 2  but i still have 40077 for my PRL we'll try again later to see if a new one pop's up. hopefully it does.  there is a new update for Flashplayer 10.3 thought i'd pass it along. Its in the Market. !

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                Just curious.... what does PRL stand for?

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                  Helloow mr. Dirkbonn an the answer to your question is:  Prefered  Roaming  List.

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                    Your PRL should start with 4xxxx if you are using an Alltel plan. Verizon plans will start with 5xxxx.

                    I am guessing yours probably updated when you did the factory reset before update and would have reactivated your phone in the process.

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                      Mine is a 4xxxxx PRL. I was an Alltel refugee. Whats the difference between 4xxxx PRL and 5xxxxx PRL's? What is a PRL anyway?

                      Forgive my ignorance.

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                        This is what I have figured out over the past year. No guaranteed facts, just logical deductions.

                        The Preferred Roaming List (PRL) contains a list of Verizon's tower locations and the towers of their partners that our phones can operate on. It also assigns a priority to which towers the phones look for first. A PRL starting with 5xxxx is a Verizon PRL. The phone looks for the Verizon towers first then it will bounce off the Alltel towers and finally everyone's towers. PRL numbers starting with 4xxxx are known as an Alltel PRL. It will look for Alltel towers first, then Verizon and finally the rest. For a time there were what were known as "blended" PRL numbers. Those started with 6xxxx. With the blended PRL, the phone would see Verizon and Alltel towers as equal even if they were broadcasting slightly differently. For a time, I had a blended PRL on my Eris since I was getting dead spots (roaming symbol, too) where there was full signal bars only weeks before and I knew that the area was being fully integrated into Verizon. That same spot now is my one sweet spot for Speedtest.net tests. How does 2300 kbps download sound?

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                          I am guessing yours probably updated when you did the factory reset before update and would have reactivated your phone in the process.

                          I didnt think about that, I am sure you are correct Ann...  Thank

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