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    Phone Hacked ?


      Has my phone been hacked?


      Over the last month the GPS on my Droid Incredible has located my phone in Hyderabad India. This obviously throws off the time and weather. I took  the automatic network provided values off, then back on and this located me back in my city. Last night my phone made a weird noise that I haven't heard before. When I checked the phone there was a google search box (not mine) that had typed into it "wake up" and an incredibly long page of programming language. Has anyone had this problem? Has my phone been hacked? What do I do now?


      When I checked Hyderabad in Wiki it said its called Cyberabad because so much technology is located there.

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          Hmmm....it could be hacked, or it could be a poltergeist. j/k This definitely does sound strange. I have seen the phone occasionally switch to a different time zone or different city in the weather application. This issue has been reported to our product team before. I have not seen the issue with the phone typing words in the search bar or entering programming language. Do you let anyone else use your phone? There may be an application installed causing this issue. Look under Applications>Manage Applications. Check to see if any applications are installed that you don't recognize. 

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            I'm on my phone all the time so I check the applications >manage applications>running quite often to help save the battery. The only thing under downloaded that I don't recognize is com.htc.rosiewidgets.note. The total, application, and data for rosie widgets are all 0.00. Everything else under downloaded I recognize and have had for quite awhile. There are a lot of things under the "all" tab that I don't recognize, most start with com., DRM, DCS, or HTC. I've always assumed that these are part of the software that runs the phone and have never done anything to these files.


            I know that the Google search box wasn't mine because mine has an microphone to the right of the box, the other search box had a dropdown arrow. " wake up" was in the search box and when I hit the dropdown arrow there were (I think) 5 things that had been searched. Wake up, three things I don't remember, and one that's unprintable here. The three I don't remember were nothing special, nothing that gave me a clue as to what was going on. None of the words were anything I had ever typed in a search box.


            I tried to copy/paste the program language but it wouldn't work. I hit the home icon and all the weird stuff went away, my phone was back to normal and  has been fine since. I've checked my bill and nothing seems out of the ordinary.


            Oh, and my friends all think I'm crazy because my phone never leaves my side and no one else has ever used my phone.


            Is it just a coincidence that Hyderabad has a big IT industry? Does Google, Verizon, or HTC send work there? Is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future?