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    I want my pictures from my old phone!


      I just recently got a Kin Two m and i cant figure out how to get the pictures from my old phone's micro SD card to my Kin! Is there a way to move them? i really want them back.

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          Yes, if fact I just did this myself this morning. There are a couple of things you can do, depending on your specific situation.


          You might be able to just connect your old phone to your computer via USB and simply copy all the picture files to your computer. Then you can use the Zune software to transfer them to your new phone.


          I had a microSD adapter. I think it came with the microSD card when I first bought it a couple of phones ago. It looks just like a hollow SD card, and you insert the microSD card into it. Then you plug it into an SD card slot if your computer has one. (Mine is built into my printer, but it works the same way.)  Then I copied all the image files from the card onto my computer and used the Zune software to transfer them to the Kin Twom. It was really pretty easy -- just like transferring from a regular digital camera.


          Now I have a nice selection of images I can use for the lock screen wallpaper.


          One thing to note is that if you were using one of your own pictures as the wallpaper on your old phone, it will probably be in the phone's memory, not on the card. So you'll need to dig into your old phone's settings to move it to the card if you want to include it in the move.


          Good Luck!

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            I want to take the pictures from Kin Two and put them on the laptop computer.  I was able to do this with Zune up until today.  When I tried it today, it said the Kin Two device is not supported.  Only Windows 7 phone (???).  Now what?

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              this is what microsoft **** does to you steve could care less about us  don't my Microsoft ..... Bill Was a Good guy steve is a nutzi on the loose  .... he killed the kin and know he wont even let us use  the software to our phones he took that away what a losser ....

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                Try to uninstall and reinstall the Zune software.  Click here to reinstall the new software.

                Also follow these steps to transfer:


                To use the Zune software to copy photos and videos to your phone from your computer and vice versa,

                follow these steps:

                1 Install the Zune software on your computer. To download and install this software, go to

                www.zune.net/setup on your computer and follow the instructions.

                2 Once you’ve installed and set up Zune software on your computer, make sure the photos and videos

                you want to import to your phone are in your Zune software Collection.

                3 Connect your phone to your computer via USB.

                4 Open the Zune software if it doesn’t open automatically.

                5 From the Zune software on your computer:

                To copy photos and videos from your computer to your phone - Drag the photos and videos in

                your Zune software Collection to the phone icon at the lower-left of the page. Progress is

                displayed for you on the computer screen. The photos and videos you copy to your phone will

                display in your phone’s Albums screen, where you can favorite and share them. Read more in

                “Full-screen photo viewer” on page 67

                To copy photos and videos from your phone to your computer - Photos or videos you take

                with your phone will appear within the Zune software on the Device > Videos or Device >

                Pictures page. Drag the items you want to download to the computer icon in the lower-left of the

                page. These photos and videos will then be part of your Zune Collection and will be stored on

                your computer in the location specified in the Zune software Settings > Software page.

                6 When finished, disconnect your phone from your computer.


                Thank you.