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    Battery Pull Tab


      Is there any way to get  a  replacement battery pull tab? 

      The adhesive holding mine to the phone is worn out and will not stay in place.

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          Haven't heard of anyone asking for that...

          If I were faced with this dilemma, I'd get some version of the gel-style Krazy glue (the regular stuff is quite "runny") and attempt to re-attach the pull tab myself

          Incidentally, I've learned that a little of that stuff goes a long way.

          Geri O
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            ... ASSuming, of course, that you still have the original pull tab on hand...
            Geri O
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              Just for record Verizon reported that if the tab is removed the devices warrenty is voided, just in case you didnt know, so most likely the responce from Verizon wont be good.

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                cuz you're going to have to manhandle it with a screwdriver to get the batt out.
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                  Yeah, I forgot, that tab takes quite the little tug to get the battery outta there. I'm beginning to doubt my super glue idea. Oh, well... Geri O
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                    well you and always slap it into your palm thats how i remove mine out of anger from time to time

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                      it's not much of a tug on mine.
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                        hallcp1019 wrote:

                        well you and always slap it into your palm thats how i remove mine out of anger from time to time

                        Thank you for your inquiry. Adding to what was stated, there is no known way to reattach a loosened battery pull tab unless done by the manufacture. The amount of force needed to remove the battery using the tab is not very much. A wet, uneven hold on the tab may cause one to exert too force in pulling on it  tearing it off from connection. A good firm pull is all that is needed to loosen the battery. If the tab is still attached inside the phone but loose to where a hard pull could remove the tab, after removing the battery, secure the tab with a good thin piece of strong tape. Then use a thin firm type of material to help in place of the battery removal tab can be tried. Please be sure what you use permits the battery to be seated firmly and not damage the device, nor prevents the cover from going back securely nor prevents the battery from the needed electrical connections. Place it safely in the same place where the battery tab is located. This helps protect the phone from the outside exposure when the cover is in place.