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    4G dropping to 3G


      I just picked up the Charge on Saturday and I'm having issues with the phone dropping from 4G to 3G.  I have to go into Settings > Wireless Networks and toggle from LTE to CDMA and then back to LTE for it to go back to 4G.  My phone usually has 3 bars and as long as I keep the phone "active" it doesn't switch.  However, if I put the phone down and let it go into standby for more than 5 minutes, when I go to use it, it has switched to 3G and I have to do the toggle setting game to go back to 4G.



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          There are tons of posts just like yours. Read through the threads.  There are no answers that exist either from VZW or any user.  Their system and/or the 4G phones (not just the Charge) do not function properly. You may want to consider a 3G only phone. For many of us it's too late for that.'

          BTW, consider yourself VERY lucky if that's all that happens.  For most of us not only do we lose 4G, but we lose data entirely.  I'd be very very happy if I only lost 4G but maintained 3G. 

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            So I would be better off just exchanging it for an Incredible 2?

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              I would exchange for anything other than a 4G phone.  I think all these 4G phones on the VZW 4G network are lousy.  If VZW can't get their act together, what's the point of having 4G (and it is fast when it's there) if you can't get data at all many times during a day.

              Don't let anyone tell you 'your' phone is defective, they're all like this.  I've had two and they're identical in terms of this behavior.

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                There is a known issue with the phone fluctuating between 3g and 4g.  Samsung is working diligently to resolve the issue.  If you are with in your 14 day worry free guarantee you do have the option to return the device.  Thank you.

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                  I think unfortunately, however, there are several of us that are now outside the 14 window.  So basically we are stuck with a phone and service that does not perform as advertised.  Is that correct?

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                    No, you certainly are not stuck. We are working with Samsung to resolve this issue so that the phone will work as advertised. I understand this is a frustrating issue and we have escalated this issue to get it resolved as soon as possible. 

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                      Does this escalation include the MUCH more significant issue of 'no data connectivity' when, despite showing a strong 3G signal, and despite a 3G only phone right next to you having no data issues, the Charge gets no data? If you read the threads on many of the forums, there are TONS of Charge owners having these issues!
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                        Stating the issue is soley with thei r 4G network and all the 4G phones is not correct. IF you have ever used ATT and an Iphoen 4, then you know what constint network issues and reception issues really are, which were far worse then any of the LTE/4g phone issues with droid.


                        SOme of us have constint 4g access, and it is stable (post 4ee update especially).


                        Not all areas have 4g access or you may be between towers. In this case you can often force a 4g ickup of a signal confirmation, however, the signal strength may not be sufficient and this will cause it to switch back to 3g, or have poort signal transfers. In my area I get complete verizon 4g LTE but had very poor ATT 4g (as well as it is slower in general).. In some areas that coudl be reversed.



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                          I took a few readings when I was out for lunch today.  The 1st screenshot is 1xRTT near my office Lewis Center, OH. Usually a strong 4G area.  I could actually see the tower


                          1xRTT - I can actually see the tower


                          2nd image is after toggling Airplane mode a couple of times. OK got 3G this time.


                          OK, I can get 3G


                          Toggled Airplane mode again got 4G finally in 3rd shot. Got 4G finally. It really shouldn't be this hard:smileysad:


                          Toggled Airplane mode again. Thats what I expected to start with



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