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      I was in the city of Sonora, Calif, My friend calls me on my iphone, i was in extended service, or what ever they call it, do they call that roaming? My friend said the automated system said she needed to put in some number to connect with me. Anybody know what this means? She finally called me again and reached me ok. Is there a code that your caller has to use when you are out of town in extended ?

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          No, extended network is not roaming, however if you are on an older Verizon Wireless plan that does not include Nationwide coverage it could include roaming in certain areas. Extended network is an area that is owned by another carrier and we have an agreement to allow our customers to use the towers in that area without roaming. If your friend is with VErizon Wireless, I recommend having them contact us to review and analyze their plan. If you have a Nationwide plan, you are not charged roaming for calls in the United States. Roaming with our Nationwide plans only occurs internationally in other countries. 


          Additionally, for all phones other than the Thunderbolt you can update the roaming/network on your phone by dialing *228, send and option #2. This will ensure your making and receiving calls on the closest tower to your location. 

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            My friend I was referring to is my wife, and the automation told her to put in a code number, to connect with me, while I was on extended network, she was calling me from our home and was her Cel, which is mobile to mobile.
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              Is your wife's phone still experiencing this issue? Please let us know.



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                Next time I go out of town I will see what happens .
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                  When i'm out of town, like in Sonora, California, And i'm in Extended Network,  Using the internet on my iphone does'nt work too good or not at all. So when Verizon uses another wireless company, Won't data work with this other company in the Extended Network?

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                    Hi workingman,



                    I understand the importance of stating connected.  You are correct, when your are in the Extended Network you are not using Verizon Wireless towers.  You will use the connections available by the other carriers within the Extended Network, sadly you will experience their network speeds.  I would suggest using an available  Wi-Fi connection while in the Extended Network to help improve your speed.  I hope this information is helpful.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.





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                      I'm in the Angels Camp area, which is close to Sonora. I am on an extended/roaming network, which is Golden State Cellular. When I am in a Verizon area, I can make and receive calls and texts. However, when I'm on extended I cannot receive or make calls and texts. Whenever I try I call someone it rings once and then a message says that my phone number isn't recognized/authorized. I have been talking to Verizon reps and I even contacted Golden State and no one seems to know how to resolve this issue. All I can think to do is find a Verizon area and dial *228 opt 2 in order to update roaming, would that help?

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                        The same thing happened to me, the thing to do is: *228 and option 2, before you go out of town. And it Worked for me, I was in Sonora, and Arnold.





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                          Okay that gives me some hope. But since I live in Angels it's like I have to drive 30 miles to get Verizon service, because if I try dialing *228 when I'm on Golden it says your phone cant be updated at this time. So do you think if I drive the 30 miles to do that, hopefully it'll work when I come back? I had to do the same thing to activate my phone, and no one ever told me I had to dial *228 to activate the number until I found it online and called verizon and they told me to drive 30 miles so I can get connected to Verizon and it worked, then I got home today and it started doing the same thing, but I'll drive tomorrow and trying *228opt2 and hopefully that works or something, if not then I give up. What I don't understand is why Verizon doesn't tell you things like this or send automatic updates?

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