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    Reconnect fee


      Why am I being charged a reconnect fee of $15 for every phone and pad on my plan.  If the phone was off for all of 15 minutes I shouldn't have a reconnect fee.  I would like to find out how to have them all removed from this last bill.

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          They will not remove it. It may be only 15 minutes, but you were way behind to have the phones shut off which causes the charge. It is a way to get your attention....... It worked
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            Karen Whitmire

            I, too, have had this issue.  I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and have WORKED for the company as well.  When I was unemployed, sometimes my bill would get paid IN FULL every two months and not interrupted.  I paid the late fees with no hesitation because I was late. 


            However, lately, I now have four phones on my plan, 10 year customer, and $15 PER LINE!  I had a reconnect fee a few months back and it was to have been credited back so I have not been paying the $69.19.  Today, I was interrupted AGAIN and my bill is NOT due until the end of the month!  THIS is causing me to have yet ANOTHER $69.19 charged to my account!



            This isn't bad enought but I had UNLIMITED data paid on three phones and I was recently charged for checking my mobile E-mail from my phone.  I was informed that as of "Early last year" it is no longer covered in my data plan so I now have to pay extra if I use something I already paid for!   I also have the ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for the family for $5 extra every month.  Now I get a letter stating it is going to be $3 PER LINE!!!  


            I had five lines at one time then my father passed away. I suspended his line.  Due to all the grief and other things having to be taken care of, my Verizon bill did get put to the back burner and I got "interrupted"! Not only did they charge me for the four phones, they also RECONNECTED my dad's line and charge me for that as well.


            People need to ban together to get a class action law suit to stop these frivolous charges.  Verizon can suspend someone EVERY month if they choose and charge customers this "reconnect fee"!   I KNOW it can be waived because I WORKED THERE and was told to do it SEVERAL times for customers. 


            *budone - yeah, they can get my attention, but when you make a payment at the beginning of the month (NOT 10 DAYS LATE) and the bill is not due again until the END of the month, I don't need my "attention" gotten through MY pocketbook!  ESPECIALLY when the charge I am supposedly "late" on was to have been waived previously!

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              No one needs to ban together for anything in this instance. You admit ("the bill was put on the back burner...." and that you have paid late in the past without shutoffs. A pattern of being late WILL force their hand.


              I am sorry for the death of you Dad, but that does not allow you to expect companies to roll over and play dead and let ya slide. They have no idea if you are telling the truth. You know how many excuses come to their (any) company EVERY day for non-payment??? Thousands upon thousands. They can't be sympathetic. If they were to every excuse, they would no longer be in business.

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                I have been a customer for 20 years. I have always had great service and kind people help me through tough times everyone incurs.  But today is a completely different story. Not only was the "man" not gentlemen, who answered rude and talked "down" to me about my bill but the Supervisor, as well, was ...hmmm...just did not care. Both of them, with names but would not give last name, were rude and wanted to "point fingers".  This is not good for a strong company, especially now, to continue with this service...... with all the fees, competition and economic hard times.

                I am sure those 2 are just as guilty or struggling in the same sense. Either this is Management above them telling them to act accordingly or they just aren't suitable to be the face of a big company.  I came on this site to try to find a way to contact someone else....and no use. My option is to post here.....also not good customer service. I am disappointed, frustrated and sad that I have lost a company that I have spoke so highly of to my peers that have the other competitors.  The funny thing is my 3 lines, which are costly and I pay because I thought so highly of Verizon, were not disconnected and they claimed they were. My word against theirs and I lose, being a faithful customer. And when they have be disconnected in the past ( no more than 3/4 times in 20 years) they clearly were disconnected and at that time they waived the reconnection feeS because they valued my service.  Based on the negative attitude, the contradiction, the fees, I will look for other service after my 2 years are up....this year.  ( my home line and Internet is with them too)

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                  Karen Whitmire

                  EXACTLY my point!  I came on this page to get assistance.  Verizon sent me an email stating they have been trying to contact me by phone to fix my issues but could not get hold of me.  LIARS!!  They have NEVER contacted my "daytime" phone which would be here at work.  They have NEVER called my cell which they should OBVIOUSLY have the number to.  I, too, bragged this company up to all my friends and family.  Now, I am very disappointed.  I have had others comment about my "reconnect fees" but NONE have commented on all the other FALSEHOODS I spoke of in my post.     I am sorry, maximummax that you are having these issues.  I would not wish hardship on anyone and am sincerely happy for the ones that have commented and have NEVER had hardships in their lives.  Good luck to you!



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                    I had this same exact problem with the reconnect fee. My bill was late because of the pressure to buy Christmas presents and the day I was going to pay my bill I got a text message saying that my phones would be disconnected if I did not pay. FIVE minutes before I paid the bill my phones were disconnected! I called a manager at Verizon that night and she was really nice saying that she would take the reconnect fees off for me since I had NEVER had a reconnect fee before, and I always pay my bill on time. So today, I noticed on my bill that it was $30 more than it should have been... I called and talked to a customer service rep and he said that they were reconnect fees. He said that the woman I talked to wrote down in the notes that I had agreed WITH HER to take two of my four reconnect fees off. ***!? I never agreed to this, the woman I talked to specifically said that she would take the fees off of my bill for me. I did not know in Verizon speak that "the fees" means "two of the four fees". I asked to talk to a manager, who was NOT helpful at all and told me they never take reconnect fees off and that it said I had agreed with the woman to take two of the four off. Then she told me it was already posted to my account so there was nothing she could do. Yeah, okay. She practically hung up on me. I have never had issues with them before, and generally all the customer service reps have been pleasant. Until today... I will most definitely not see Verizon in the same way again. I may even look elsewhere for my cell phone needs.

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                      The Pressure to buy Christmas presents is the CAUSE of being late????  (I thought I had heard every excuse) Were you FORCED to forego your responsibilities to buy gifts????  You make it sound like VZW and any other company you did not pay should have sympathy for you for bring the Joy of Christmas to your family than paying your bills


                      How long passed between the notice of the phones being cut off and you paying?? I suspect you decided to pay 5 minutes AFTER you saw the phones were off??


                      How late were you????


                      Dont be surprised when you shop for a new provider that they may now require a deposit due to the unbearable pressure to buy Christmas gifts.


                      And now, if you pay online, you will no longer be able to and will be required to pay in cash for the next six months.

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                        you guys are amazing...hardships do occur, and considering how much we pay for services one would think that verizon would be understanding...many other companies are.  and no, verizon isnt responsible for out inabilities to budget our finances, but unlike verizon most of us dont have the ability to conveniently charge more for services when ever we need/want more money. While everyones situation is different, most employees would rightly be laughed at if they randomly went in and demanded a raise for no real reason.  That is essentially what verizon does quite often!  and please keep in mind, they are providing a service, which ultimately should make them responsible to us! but no, no longer! and while some of you may believe that cell phone service is not a necessity, for many of us it is!


                        i do pray that you never have an expected hardship arise in your life, because im not sure you could handle any disruption to your perfect worlds

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                          The most recent posters 'Hardship' we were responding to was getting sucked into buying Christmas gifts rather than paying their bills. Hardly a hardship in my book.


                          A hard ship is losing your job of 25 years, owning a business in a tourist town in Michigan during the recession to where you did not make any money for 4 years, so you spend your life savings to keep the business afloat employees employed and pay my bills.


                          Then being unemployed for 2 years without unemployment compensation due to being a business owner.


                          Selling everything and working any menial job to keep up with REQUIRED bills and to have food,


                          Living in MI during the winter with the heat set at 55 during the day 48 at night to keep the bill low.


                          Ending up losing your house anyways. Finally up and moving to find another job that pays a little more than minimum wage.


                          Been there, done that. And I kept up with what bills that required to be paid and on time, utilities, phone, ins,......


                          So when you face hardship, let me know how you handle it. It can be done, but you give up everything including your dignity, self worth, some family, and many so called friends. 


                          Foregoing your responsibilities to buy Christmas gifts is not a hardship. Sorry

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