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    How to stop getting random calls from random numbers?


      Starting two days ago, I've been constantly recieving calls from random numbers and when I pick up, nothing is said and they hang up. The numbers and how many times they've called are as follows:


      421 781 8274 (x4)

      820 654 8921 (x3)

      387 781 4835 (x4)

      729 871 8579 (x2)

      917 398 9528 (x1)

      396 147 9025 (x3)


      I've tried to get through to Verizon, but they're always busy and I'm always put on hold so I'm hoping maybe one of you guys could help me out here. No cities or states are listed under these numbers and when I look them up online, I get nothing. Also, will these random calls affect my data plan minutes? 


      Thanks for the help.