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    how to get photos off the Droid Incredible


      My wife traded phones with my son (Verizon did this over the phone), but we can't figure out how to get about 10 photos off the phone before we reset it. I thought they'd be on the card, but when we put the card in a reader on the computer they were not on there. I could not figure out how to move them to the card either. I also tried emailing them to her and me, but neither of us got the email with the pix. Is there an easy way to get the pix off the phone before resetting it? Thanks.


      I think i will try hooking the phone up to my computer via USB cable and getting them that way. That should work.

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          Well, you're certainly on the right track. You're taking the steps that I would have recommended, had you not mentioned them here first. Still, there are other factors that might be contributing to the inability to transfer the media from the card to the PC or other device. If you're still having this problem, let me know. I've got some suggestions that will get you back on track!

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            I also have a problem uploading my photos and videos from my HTC to my computer. I have my USB cable plugged in to my PC and I am already subscribed to VCast Media Manager, but when I click UPLOAD, nothing happens. Can you help?

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              Have you tried connecting the phone to the computer in "mass storage" or "mount as disk drive" mode? It load as if there are two external drives. One is the phone internal storage and the other is the sd card storage. Depending on how you had setup the camera settings, your pictures might be on either one of the drives. They would be in a DCIM folder in both cases.
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                I have successfully mounted the phone and can see folders (including a DCIM folder) in explorer.  However, I looked into each folder and don't see the photos.  I tried searching for files created this past week, and get nothing. Tried searching by type, but don't see them in recent dates.

                I still can see them on the phone, so I know they are there.

                Any ideas??