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    "invalid destination address" sending mms


      Whenever I try to send a picture message (or any sort of MMS really), it says "pending" for a few seconds then says "sending" and after a few more seconds it finally says the message failed and a note pops up that says "invalid destination address"


      Normal texts have gone through just fine to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint users but pictures/sounds will not send at all.


      Help Please!?

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          Are you using the full ten digit number of people you are trying to send to?

          Just to clarify, you can send sms messages to everyone, but who can't you send mms (picture/sound messages) messages too? If you can't send mms messages at all, perhaps there is a provisioning issue with your line. Call to Customer Service would be needed.
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            I can send SMS messages to everyone, I haven't had any trouble at all with that. I have not been able to get an MMS message through to anyone since I got the phone (about 4 days ago). I went to the place I bought the phone from and they ended up calling Customer Service themselves. They were told then (about 2 days ago) that it had something to do with the service transferring since we had switched our lines over from AT&T and to give it a couple more days...

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              Ah! You had your number ported over. That explains a lot. Yeah I would give it a few days and then test again. Don't give up though and keep on top of it.
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                Ended up calling Customer Service. Apparently it was turned off.. got it turned on and all messages are working now YAY!! :smileyhappy:

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                  Hi, I'm having a similar issue to the one described above and was wondering if you could offer some suggestions.


                  I have a Droid 2 Global...I bought it in August of 2011.  Until yesterday, I had no problems sending MMS (or SMS) messages to any of my contacts.  Then, I started receiving the "invalid destination address" message when trying to send a message to one contact.  This contact is a Verizon Wireless customer, as am I.  Messages to other Verizon and non-Verizon customers go through with no problem.  I called Verizon and performed the *228 update, performed a power cycle (removing the battery, waiting 20 seconds, putting it back in), cleared out all of my text messages, had my friend perform the *228 and power cycle, ensured that there were not any changes made to my account or my friend's account, and it is still not working.  Just to clarify, SMS messages are going through to all contacts.


                  Verizon's only suggestion was to factory reset my phone.  I'm not satisfied with that answer.  Do you all have any other suggestions of things I can try?




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                      I had this same issue. I have a Note 2 and Note 3 on my account which BOTH were having the same issue. After calling Verizon they fixed the issue by just performing a backend account refresh. Even though my account clearly was provisioned correctly since it has been working for month. Something must of impacted that part of the account. Shut phones down, they performed an account refresh on the backend for both phones, everything works now!! I can send images again.