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    LG Cosmo- Unlocking


      My daughter has the LG Cosmo and has her phone locked.  She has been getting into trouble lately and I took her phone away from her once and she stole it back to text people and when I caught her she turned it off so that when I turned it on the phone was locked and I couldn't read her messages.  Is there any way around the unlock without knowing the password?

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          It should be the last 4 digits of the lines number.

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            Something tells me if she was smart enough to steal it back she knows how to changed the default lock code, good luck.  Next time see if you can lock it up some where, fireproof box, filing cabinet or maybe even the glovebox in the car but don't let her see where.  Mary

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              Be a parent and refuse to give it back unless they tell you the unlock code. You can go to the store and they can do a master reset on the phone and then they will lose everything on the phone. Don't have the store re-activate the phone. Instead go online or through the ivr and suspend the line (to avoid the fee). That way if they steal it back it is unusable to them.