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    Home Depot Employee Discount

      Does the discount include unlimited text messaging?
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          Each company negeotiates its discount with Verizon, and the discounts offered can vary significantly from company to company.  The best place to ask for information is your Human Resources Department, or whoever at your location answers questions about employee benefits.

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            WendySimmons wrote:
            Does the discount include unlimited text messaging?

            Chances are that your discount does not include unlimited text messaging. Normally, the discounts are only on service and (possibly) data for a primary line.


            With this in mind, if you sign up for a talk and text plan(which includes unlimited texting), this is a service plan and any discount you receive would most likely be available on this plan.

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              Thank you WendySimmons for your inquiry. Also, thanks to the community members for their valued input. Adding to what was stated, if you have a Talk and Talks plan which includes unlimited texting, the employee discount would be on the primary line towards its access fee. The employee discount varies from employer to employer. The account needs to be in the name of the employee. The employee needs to register their primary line. I am providing a link below to help with the process and for help in checking on the discount. It may take up to one to two bill cycles before the discount appears on the statement after processing the employee discount. The link is:  http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/employee/emaildomainauthentication.jsp