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    Fairbanks, Alaska - no data???


      I just was stationed at Fort Wainwright near Fairbanks, AK.  I was told we would have coverage with Verizon up here and we do; however, neither of our phones will get a data signal.  We can't use GPS, web, picture messaging and all the other things that use data.  We have the original Droid and a Droid Pro.  Other people can use those things on their Verizon phone.  Unfortunately, there are no Verizon stores in this state so we don't know what to do.  We are lost in this new area and really need these functions.  does anyone have any insight?

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          Verizon only has extended network in Alaska. There are no native towers up there. The cell service is coming from their carrier partners' towers. You should be able to turn on data roaming and be okay, I think. Go to settings > wireless & networks > mobile network settings > check on "data roaming"

          Try a search of this community, there have been threads in the past discussing what is and isn't available in the area.

          One thing that I am sure of, don't try to program (*228, option 1 or 2) your phone to Verizon's network in Alaska. Since there are no towers, the programming isn't completed correctly.
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            Thanks Ann154 for your response.  You are giving correct in regards to most of your response.  I would just like to add additional info about connecting to data while roaming.  In order to have a data roaming connection in Alaska you must connect to data in our network (i.e. Washington State).  Let's say you are in Seattle, Wa and you establish a data connection you can go into a roaming area (Alaska) and still have a connection.  Thank you.