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    Can Send Texts But Recipient Does Not Receive


      I have the Blackberry Storm and just yesterday I was sending text messages to a friend and she did not receive them. 

      Troubleshooting I've tried and nothing has worked:

      Tried to respond to her messages

      Tried to send a brand new text

      Put a 1 in front of her phone number for the area code, took the one back out

      She pulled her battery out multiple times to do a hard restart; I did the same to my phone.

      I updated my roaming capabilities (*228 option 2)

      She tried to update her roaming but it said that they could not update her roaming and the session ended. 



      She has Alltel but I already checked and her number is part of the mobile to mobile network.  I went to Alltel's website and on there, you can type in a receivers phone number, your phone number, and a text message and it sends for free.  I did this and this is the only thing that actually went through to her phone but she could not reply to that message.  We can call each other fine and I can receive texts from her all day long.  This just began yesterday... before this, we sent numerous texts back and forth all day and night so this has never been a problem.  I tried absolutely everything I could think of to troubleshoot this, and am at a complete loss now as to what is wrong.  Is there a chance my cell number got blocked from sending texts to her?  I kind of threw this option out when I was able to send a text through the Alltel website.  Lastly, we each can send and receive texts from everyone else in our contacts....


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your time.

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          Couple of questions...


          Are you able to send messages to other people and they receive them or does noone receive a text from you?


          Is your friend able to receive text messages from anyone outside of Alltel?

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            I can send video, audio, picture, and text messages to everyone else and receive them.  She can do the same with other people in different networks.... just not to each other all of a sudden.
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              I am having the exact same problem and I have a completely different phone. We have also both tried resetting our phones and it hasnt made a difference! I'm ready to find a brick wall and throw my phone at it.


              Have you been having issues with your phone dropping more calls and having more dead spots too? For some reason when I do find one it takes FOREVER for mine to get service again!

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                I feel your frustration... I have noticed more dropped calls lately and I have never once in my life dropped a call until recently.  I have just been hitting some dead zones for example on my way to and from work where I always lose a call; this has never happened in the past few years and it's the same route every day.  I can deal with that for now, I just want to be able to send text messages at all times.  Have not found a solution yet, probably going to Verizon if I get time this weekend.
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                  I have been having the same problem with my phone.  I can send texts to my friends phone, but when she sends them back to me I never receive them.  On her end it says the text went through but I never recieve it.  I have already exhausted a lot of options and getting pretty frustrated with it.  Like you we can both send and receive texts from all other numbers.  Just wondering if you ever got your problem resolved.  Thanks much
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                    Do you have your friend's phone number listed as a 10 digit number? Not as *82-area code, if you have Caller ID Blocking. I had problem with my Storm.:smileywink:
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                      I have been having the exact same problem!  I can send them out, but I can't get the responses or new text messages either.  When I signed up w/ Verizon a little over a month ago, I had this problem and they said it was because I kept my old number and it hadn't been routed properly.  They fixed it and now I've got the same problem.  I can receive texts that I send to myself (testing it), I can receive texts from Verizon and I can receive texts sent from a computer...just not from other cell phones.  I have been told it will take 5-7 days to fix and that everyone is having these problems which does not help.  If Verizon knows there is a problem they should do whatever it takes to get the problem fixed in a timely fashion.  If they can't get it fixed, they shouldn't offer services that they can't provide. Sorry for the rant, but I'm frustrated and fed up and wish I had never switched to begin to Verizon.  Customer Service has been horrible!
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                        Just saw this post, after I made mine.


                        I am having the exact same problem with a friend in Mexico. I can recieve her messages, most of the times, sometimes I will recieve them an hour or two later but they can not recieve my text messages. This started happening this weekend on friday, but before that everything was find (except for the lost text message every once in a while - maybe 1 or 2 a week). But my friend has recieved only one of my messages since friday night and I have sent 6 or 7.


                        We have no clue whats going on, but for whatever reason its not working now.


                        What gives?


                        Oh and I have a Storm

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                          Sorry, I just started a post about this same topic before seeing this one.  My boyfriend and I have never had problems texting.  I have Verizon and he has T-Mobile.  Since Friday, most of our texts aren't going through.  I can text just fine with other people but not with him.  He's not having a problem with anyone else either.  It's really ******* me off!
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