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    Ringtones -- and music in general -- become unplayable




      As I did on my OG DROID, I created a music folder and a ringtones folder on my SD card on the Charge, and put music and ringtones in them respectively.


      I then used Astro file manager to select one of my ringtones as my default.  I was also able to play the music files (or the ringtones, for that matter).


      At some point, I noticed I was missing calls.  Then, I saw my phone light up with a call, but made no sound.  After the call, I checked--ring volume was up full, but there was no ringtone.  I went into my SD card and tried to play the ringtone, and it wouldn't.  Same with the music files.


      This keeps happening.  Not sure what it is that causes it, but it may be either or both using a USB connection or Bluetooth.  The USB connection can unmount/remount the SD card, so that might be it, if the re-mount when USB is disconnected doesn't quite finish properly.


      Anyone else see this?

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