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    Getting rid of verizon


      Is there anyway to get out of this contract with verizon without paying an ETF? I've already put up with getting a refurbished phone when I have had the originial one less than a month, and now they are trying to send me another replacement phone. I'm tired of the random shutdowns at night causing me to wake up late because I rely on my phone for an alarm clock. I'm tired of being in the middle of a phone call or some other use of my phone and it shuts off. Im tired of the gps taking 5-10 minutes to get a signal. I'm just tired of this phone and Verizon.

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          Option 1. Sell Refurb and hope you get enough to cover etf.


          Option 2. Come unglued on the phone until you get to a supervisor who will help you. I do not recommend this in any way. It just seems that the people who make a fuss get helped.


          Option 3. Wait for 2-3 more weeks until the update comes out (give or take 3-6 months). It solves the issues you are having. I can not speak to the new issues that might come up.


          There are a lot of people having the same issues you are having. Others are experiencing different issues (like me). 

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            This is getting a little out of hand. How can they expect us to take this ****? I'm going to call and argue with whoever I Have to on the phone to get out of this. If all else fails I'll just pay the ETF and get on with my life.


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              I get your upset and I'm right with you on that. Just consider that the grass isn't greener on another carrier. Maybe a regular 3g phone would suit you. I know that I have to keep my thinderbolt licked into 3g so it works. On 4g it's a total fail.

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                Save yourself the trouble and just pay the ETF right now. You will not in any way shape or form, be able to get out of your contract with Verizon. No matter how many problems/replacement devices you have.


                To be honest, I don't know why people even bother trying a refurb replacement. I really think Verizon's just re-circulating the TBolts because EVERYONE is just getting replacement after replacement. You're just going to get someone else's problem phone.

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                  research all of the known issues and take your phone in and show them the problems. you will have to get a replacement and as soon as you do take it back in and show them the exact same issues and demand a different device. you may have to go through a couple replacement tbolts, but if you go to the same store and deal with the same manager and show him or her that after trying 3 tbolts, they ALL had the exact same issue, you may likely be able to get a different phone (the charge doesn't seem to have as many issues and the X2 is 3g only and will likely have fewer issues). there's a forum member on here (greenrobot) that was able to get a droid charge after a few replacement tbolts. find that memeber and inquire as to how he got it done. they are VERY reluctant to give you a different phone, but you CAN get one if you persist. it's lame that it has to be so difficult, but they do still have the best network and i wouldn't pay $350 to go buy another phone with at&t or sprint. 

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                    HI !  AZSALUKI thanks for the mention. Where to start... I'll just give you the short version, call VZW at 1-866-221-4096 opt. 3 ( tech support direct ) everytime you have an issue with your Tbolt. I recommend writing down the reps. name and make your own log of your calls nothing detailed just basically what the issue was and how VZW wanted you to resolve it ( this is not necessary but keeps your story consistent and accurate ) . They are going to tell you to 1st pull battery , 2nd enter safe mode, 3rd Master Reset , then if you still have issues they'll send a replacement Tbolt. I recommend Myback up pro ( pay for it, don't back up contacts or calendar with it. Let Google do that ) and keep your screens simple cause you're going to do a lot of master resets. Let VZW dig themselves into a hole of poor troubleshooting and take a replacement everytime they offer it. After about 3 Tbolts or you don't have anymore hair on your head cause you pulled it all out call the # I gave you and politely do not accept a reset or a replacement Tbolt as the answer to your issues. If the rep won't swap you out to reasonable comparable device ask to speak to a supervisor. Keep in mind that going off the handle will get you no where be patent, courteous, and respectful. I was first offered almost any 3G phone but turned that down since I figured it to be a downgrade. I was then offered the Charge after making another call to tech support and stated that I would pay the difference to either get a brand new Tbolt or a Charge. They said there is no way I'll get a NEW Tbolt but after the rep. talked to a supervisor they sent out a Charge at no extra cost. So far I am happy with the Charge. I have had it about Three weeks and only called VZW a couple times ( hotspot inop, now fixed ). Do your research on what device you'll take as a replacement cause you don't want to go through this again and I doubt you'll get a another different replacement. Also when you receive your different device hang on to the old one for a few days while you try out the new one and once you're satisfied then send the old one back. I did this because I was going to send back the Charge if it sucked and it didn't so bye bye Tbolt.  I hope this helps good luck. 

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                      I am sorry to hear all the issues users are reporting but I have to say that this is looking like a Droid X situation all over again, so many users demanding a replacement device for a situation that is a software issue not hardware problem.  The Droid X had a low volume issue on release day and so many user demanded a replacement device than waited for a software fix and then when 2.2 was released issue resolved. 


                      At this point Verizon had a large amount of user units that really did not have a issue, so when the device was tested they passed the test and were placed back in circulation.  Verizon seems to be attempting to satisfy the customer by sending out a replacement device to the customer that is demanding a solution but so many has been getting upset because they are not receiving a new device, what will a new device resolve?  The problem is software related not hardware so a new or refurbished phone wont make any difference, I understand the frustration that have a device not function as designed but this is one of the down sides of dealing with technology, none of it is perfect...  This is the fun of wanting the latest and greatest instead of allowing a solution to be found.


                      Lets face it no business is open to take a  hit for a number of users that are prepared to demand replacement after replacement of a device that clearly has a software flaw, Verizon and HTC has acknowledged this issue and is working on a fix but once again so many want the solution now, programming does not work this way, you can not always just click one box to make the issue go away it usually takes time, and demanding a solution now get you the refurbished phone answer because this is a placebo to hold the user until a fix is completed and in my opinion this is a understandable solution.


                      The problem really isn't coming from Verizon ot the device but a user that figures that they can get a device that had flaws, demand a fix ans the carrier will do it just to make them happy. All users had the regular 14 day return option and a number of users reported issues before the MR1 update but none returned the device....  How is this is Verizon's fault?


                      When all is said and done stop sending in functional devices and expecting a new replacement to function any differently because its not the device, its the software and once testing is completed it will be released.



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                        Very well said...if the issues started within the first 14 days. 


                        How about the people who were happy with the device until long after their 14 day return period. I was golden until 11 days ago. My web browser, several apps, and email stopped working on 4g. Everything works perfectly on 3g. I tell verizon I have resorted to staying on 3g and they tell me that a memo came down from the networks guys stating that staying on 3g will cause issues and that I need to stay on 4g. Really????


                        I accepted a CLNR which arrives today. I did so because I was told I have to. If it fails I can then we will discuss other options. 


                        Verizon has chosen to waste time and money taking calls, shipping CLNR, and recirculating phone. Giving us mobile hotspot on a phone that does not function properly does not cut it.


                        Some people have a smartphone for fun and can live with issues. Others NEED their smartphone for work.


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                          Wildman, what you said is the reason I started the thread Do not let tech support replace your Thunderbolt. I am no superuser and neither are most the people how post on here so when we have a problem with our devices the first person we call is the person that sold us the equipment and when VZWs people tell us we need a replacement device who are we to argue with that? I never demanded a replacement to begin with I was only looking for answers and the answer I got was we will send you a new one. After about a month or so of VZW sending out replacement devices to " fix " the issues and the result was the same issues and after months of hearing each reps take on the issues then YES I figured out that it's not the hardware. So after I finally talked to a rep that had a Thunderbolt and she knew that a replacement wasn't going to fix it and told me the update is what stated causing some of my issues is when I demanded a NEW Thunderbolt due to VZW's poor troubleshooting and having me replace my device in the first place. Also I made the point that if I went into a store opened a box with a NEW Thunderbolt and powered it on to find the old software then at least some of my issues ( mostly the rebooting ) with Thunderbolt would be taken care of till another update came out. To me 1 NEW Thunderbolt and denying the update sounds like better business practice then 3 replacement devices and a replacement Droid Charge. I can understand having issues with a brand new product cause I work for an automobile manufacture but we could never get away with kind of service VZW provides to fix their product issues. 


                          Karuk, Same here I didn't have any issues that I thought were a real problem for a few weeks ( that I knew of ). Just because they are sending you a replacement doesn't mean you have to keep it. My advise is to send it back! Open the box put the return label on it and give it back to fedex. You will get the same results by doing a master reset but your phone will not be hacked up by god knows who. My experience was every replacement felt poorly assembled and had more problems. If you like your Thunderbolt just hang in there and wait for an update that will make it everything you wanted. Like Wildman said the Froyo update changed the Droid X into an amazing device, I remember staying up till midnight to get that update :-D I bailed for the Charge because I was so sick to my stomach with the terrible replacements I was sent and I'm much happier now. 

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