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    Email Inbox Not Updating


      I just got my new phone last night. I set it up and everything was working fine. I received mail, my apps and widgets worked, etc.


      Then today I noticed I had stopped getting email from my yahoo account. I thought that was weird so I checked the account on my computer and I had received several messages. The phone never updated my inbox. Gmail updates fine.


      So I deleted the email address on my phone and decided to add it back. Now it keeps saying "authentication failed. Please verify your username/password." I am not putting it in wrong at all. Just to make sure, I went back to my computer and I logged into my yahoo account just fine.


      Why won't my phone let me add my yahoo account back?


      Also, every time I get mail I also get a message that says: BREW:104F4BC... What is that? How did I make it stop?


      Please help! This is my first smartphone and I just upgraded from a feature phone.