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    Bad signal/connection Charlotte, NC - 3g?


      Hi everyone,  myself and co-workers have been really frustrated with the coverage the past 3-4 days.  Usually we get a solid 3g signal 3-4 bars consistently.  Since Monday we have been getting at most 4 bars 1X signal.  Is this due to the 4g rollout coming to Charlotte and when can we expect it to get better?  I am on a Droid X and most of them are Blackberry users and our company is a Verizon preferred company.  We cannot get internet or anything.  We thought maybe tower mainetenance or something thanks!  Any info would be appreciated!

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          I've noticed a marked decrease in signal strength over the last few days along the I-85 corridor near the Concord, NC airport and Concord Mills and further down near I-77.


          In these areas, the signal goes from full-strength 3G to absolutely zero signal. This was not the case prior to mid last week.


          I sincerely hope this is a temporary situation!


          I eagerly await a response from a Verizon representative regarding this, as is ToyotaJon, I am sure!


          Thank you.

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            oyotajon93, I want you to know the phone service you and your co-workers have with us is important and we would like to evaluate your device and area further. Please let us know if your still having an issue with making and receiving calls in NC. 


            The issue within your area (NC) was reported on June 16, 2011 and August 5, 2011 by customers and was resolved immediately via our Engineers. 


            If your still having issues, I recommend removing the battery from your Droid X for 1-2-minutes and restarting the phone.  YOu can also dial *228, send and choose option #2 to reconnect your phone to the closest tower in your area. These suggestions is not recommended for all phones but will work on your device. We will need to speak with you if the above suggestions do not resolve your issue. 


            ATTENTION; Please do not remove the battery on your iphone or dial *228 on your thunderbolt or iphone.