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    How do I get my phone to reconnect to the 3G network


      I have an LG Vortex. As of recently (within the last few weeks) whenever I leave 3G coverage and then re-enter, my phone will not pick back up the 3G coverage.  I have to physically power the phone down and turn it back on to get the network coverage back.  Have adjusted all settings and even turned airplane mode on and off trying to force the phone to look for the network without powering down and up. Doesn't work. Have found several people having this issue on other forums but no resolutions have been reached.  Open for ideas at this point as it is becoming quite annoying.

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          Hi SMac77,


          I can help get this issue resolved. I researched and found no related issues in regards to 3G network issues. What areas are you traveling to with no 3G service? Does the service go out when you stay in a 3G coverage areas too? Verify the data in enabled under Settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks, also make sure Data Roaming is enabled. 


          While you are in a 3G coverage area, perform a master reset on the Vortex. Go to Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset>Reset Phone>Follow the on screen instructions and re-activate.  Please make sure your info is backed up to Google or the SD card before doing the reset.


          Keep us posted on this concern.


          Thank you!

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            Did this right after I made this post.  Probably 4 days ago now  Also had to make sure that it was set for every trip not just the one-time trip.  I haven't had a problem since I changed the settings.  I live in the Wichita, KS area to answer your question. I was having problems even if I entered a structure and when I came back outside it wouldn't reconnect.  However since I made the changes it hasn't been a problem. I also made the same suggestion to Dave1138 on his post yesterday. He has been having the same issue and did not want to recommend it until I had tried it myself.  Haven't heard from him yet as to success.  Thanks for your input I'm glad to see I was on the right track with it.