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    International Data for iPad 2


      I want to buy an iPad 2 with 3G on the Verizon network.  However, I will be using it internationally for some parts of the year. I need to know if I will be able to get an international plan for the iPad, and how this works with it being a pre-paid device. I know that the iPad works on the CDMA network, and this will limit me when it comes to international partners that the iPad will  work on. I've tried to find international coverage maps showing where Verizon has partners, but have had no luck. I'll be using the device in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, as well as France. Where can I find more information about what the plans cost, how I sign up for one, and where the device will work ? I really need UMTS speeds when traveling as well, as this will be my primary internet connection. 


      Thank you for your time, and all help is appreciated ! 

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          Hi rct123,


          I appreciate you interest in our International Services.  You are correct the iPad 2 operates on CDMA technology.  The iPad2 will work in  Canada because it's a CDMA country.  However, France in A GSM country and the iPad will not work with our roaming partners. I have included a link which details the Canada Global Data Plan.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  You can PM me your number if you would like to add to the Global Plan.





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