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    Droid Charge has no data roaming, bogus voicemail notification


      Recently traveled and was unable to use any data services while 3 hrs from home in places where I know they have 3G or 4G, like Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte.  My husband has a Droid Incredible and his phone had 3G the entire time.  My new phone had 1x or nothing.  Called Vz support and they had me switch to the CMDA instead of LTE auto switching.  Made minimal difference.  After I switched it, the phone randomly picked up a 3G signal, but hubby's phone kept his 3G Vz signal the whole time. Also, whenever my phone is rebooted, my voicemail notification comes up saying I have a voicemail message, dated Dec. 2004!  But there is no message.  Happens every time my phone turns back on.  Very weird.  Anyway, it really is annoying to have this nice phone and not be able to use Internet or get email when I am away from home.

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          Have you gotten the new EE4 software update?  In regards to VM issue, have you cleared out your VM inbox of new messages?  Please repost if you are still having issues.


          Thank you.

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            Tammy, welcome to the club, not a great club to be in.  I and many many like you (just google up the various forums) have the same situation as you except my wife has the Verizon Iphone and I've got the Charge.  More times than I'd care to mention, I have no data and she has a solid 3G signal. She's getting fed up with my ongoing line "Honey, can I see your phone for a minute". Don't bother with master resets, battery pulls, going in and out of airplane mode, switching from LTE to CDMA, they all are short term (seconds, minutes?) solutions to a far more serious issue with either the hardware, the software, the towers of a combination of all of these.  Unfortunately the latest OTA software update did little to nothing for this particular issue.  It did solve the mobile hotspot issue, but for me it did nothing on the more important issue of data connectivity.


            I don't expect this will be fixed until the 2nd gen 4G phones come out. This is an issue with ALL Verizon's 4G phones...bar none.  I've seen it in my numerous trips to Verizon stores and playing with the LG, TBolt and Charge. In fact when I went to a Verizon store yesterday, it seemed the TBolt was faring worse. I'm sure Verizon knows they've got a serious issue here and I think there's only so much they can do given the hardware they're dealing with.  The fact that the OTA software update was supposed to address this issue shows that Verizon knows the issue exists.  In our area (Long Island), I can't imagine any Verizon store employee with a Charge or other 4G phone that hasn't experienced this themselves.


            Such is the price for being on the cutting edge. :smileysad: