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    text messaging transcripts


      Does anyone know if it is possible to go into my local Verizon store and get an actual print out of text message my kids have been sending.  Not just times and numbers but the actual messages

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          vzw only keeps messeges for up to 10 days


          in order to get a transcript you need a court order

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            Thank you Mdram4X4 for your posting. I would like to add some additional information. 


            Text message content is retained an average of three to five days, but never more than ten days (240 hours) from the date/time the message is delivered. After that, the message content is overwritten by our message center server and cannot be retrieved. Due to system limitations, only terminating content may be available. Additionally, system outages, upgrades and other unforeseen events may result in Verizon Wireless not capturing content.


            If you have a court order or subpoena for this information, please have an attorney or a member of law enforcement contact us at 1-800-922-0204 when they have the documentation with them. We will be able to initiate the process from there. 


            I hope this information is helpful for you. 

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              My phone was stolen and it was on June 26. Is there a way to see any of the text that people have sent me?


              Thank you


              wanted to add that I will be getting a replacement on June 25th and this is on the xxx-xxx-xxxx number. thanks so much


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                edit your number dont need it here, also no there is no way sorry. you can log into myvzw and see the number that text but not the content