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    won't charge


      Do others have a problem with the DROID X not charging? Suddenly today, I can't charge the phone at all. I've tried the normal charger and the auto one, and nothing is happening. I've only had this phone a few months, can the battery be bad already?? Id there anything else that can contribute to this problem?

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          Dude, please don't post over and over ...  we hear you & see your 1st Post ... 


          Have you tried removing the batter for like several mins?  Are you charging from the Wall Socket?  Reason is that it won't take a charge if it gets to 10% or so from the USB port on a PC.


          Possible you have a dead battery ...  take to verizon Store and have them swap in one to see


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            Sorry about the duplicates, but there was a batter saying to "correct the highlighted area", but I didn't see anything, so apparently I was posting it in spite of thinking I couldn't. That was my question, would a battery die in a few months? Have never charged on my PC, mainly the wall charger, once in a while the auto. I do notice the phone is very hot...which is concerning to me since it is such a new phone. Of course I just started in a new sales position which requires I have the phone, so will go to a store and see if they will help. Will try taking the battery out first. Thanks so much.

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              Actually Cody was just saying that the battery is low on power when he used the term dead, if the battery drops to the point that the device powers itself off you usually have to plug the device in for a little into the wall and allow the battery to build up power and then it usually powers back up fine, if you cant get it on after a hour or so try pulling battery for a few minutes and then put back in and then try powering up, usually you will be fine after this..


              Another trick I have used is after letting charge for a few hours and pulling battery, place battery back in and then quickly plug into a usb and the device usually want to power up automatically after plugged in, this seem to be a way to enter recovery mode for recovering from a bad boot or installation.

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                hey Mink -- any luck with our suggestions?

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                  Thanks to all!! Yes, that worked!! Wish I understood the reason it happens so I can avoid it in the future. We have all become so reliant on these phones.

                  I really appreciate the help!


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                    Good to hear ...  What specifically "resolved" your problem?  Might be worth while marking this as RESOLVED for whatever fixed your problem - so others can benefit.

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                      I'm unsure which action resolved the problem, but assume it was removing the battery and re-inserting it. I don't see a place to actually indicate this is "resolved". In the "help" it tells how to mark as a "solution", but I don't see that anyplace on this screen either. Maybe I need to look at the actual post to do those things. At any rate, I appreciate the help from all of those who wrote.