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    Phone storage space is getting low on LG Ally-HELP


      I have an LG Ally that I actually like very well, however I keep getting the same message that phone storage is getting low. I have the bare minimum in apps on my phone as it is. I have cleared out my text messages and yet I keep getting the same message.


      I used to have more apps, but like I said before, I now only have the bare minimum in apps so that I might try and regain some more storage for my phone. I cannot uninstall things like myspace or youtube video apps. I do not need or want these, however there are other apps that I would like. I also have a 4gb media card that my pictures are supposed to be stored on, but I am not sure if they are being stored there or on my internal memory.


      Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated since having a smart phone is all about having some pretty cool apps, yet I cannot seem to have any additional apps than came  than what came with the  phone.


      Also, what would be a better droid phone for in the future with good internal storage?