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    Unwanted Spam Notifications


      On my Motorola Droid X, I keep getting notifications which are spam advertising, denoted with a RED STAR at the top of my phone (where notifications for calendar events, voice mail, text, and e-mail appear).  How do I stop or block these spam advertisements because they started out of nowhere and happen every morning when I turn the phone on?  Any help, suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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          Joe L

          The notifications you are getting are from an application. After researching this it may be the quick office application. If you are unable to locate the app that is causing this you can master reset the device. Please back up all information with Google or backup assistant prior to master resetting device. To master reset from the home screen>menu(4 squares on the bottom right of device)>setting>privacy>factory data reset.

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            Having the same problem on my Motorola Droid 2.  Your answere of a Master Reboot doesn't make sense to me, could you explain further how this is supposed to solve the problem?   If these spams are coming from Quick Office, I want to just delete the program, which apparently I cannot do.  There are no settings to change to allow or stop spam, so how does a reset fix it?