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    LG Vortex (Low internal memory)


      I'm getting a message  on LG Vortex that the internal memory is getting very low.  How do I increase the memory?  I tried talking to Verizon, all they say that it will increase automatically as soon as it get low.  Has anyone had the same problem if so, is there a fix....I've already cleared the cache.  I'm down to 15.6 mb left on the internal memory.

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          Did you clear cache from only the Internet application or all applications?

          Go to settings > applications > manage applications > all tab > menu button > sort by size. Go through each application one by one, pressing the clear cache button. Market, games, street view, Internet, and other applications are the usual suspects.

          Uninstall any of your downloaded applications that you don't use or need anymore.

          Check out size of the Dialer Storage application. Report back on that one and we can go from there.

          Also note the size of the email application you use particularly if it is the default email application. You might need to clear your trash folder in the email application.
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            And no the phone can't increase it's internal memory by itself.
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              I went through each step as per the message.  On the dialer storage it had only 60.00 kb.  On the email application I cleared the cache as instructed.  I notice there was 110 mb left on the email application (Data).  .  All of my emails have been deleted.  If I delete this application it gives a warning about  losing all the files releated to the email application.  After I cleared the cache on each application it had minimual effect.  Do you have any further ideals for me to try.  Im down to 14.6 mb left in my internal memory storage.



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                You also mention to clear the trash folder in the email application.  Can you help me on this procedure.  I am a little new on the different procedures on the smart phones.  Verizon has not helped in this matter.

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                  Based on the size of the Dialer Storage, you can leave that alone. That is a good small size.

                  Your email application was 110 mb large? Mine on the Tbolt is only 3.75 mb.

                  If you clear the data on the email application, you will clear all the emails stored on the phone as well as any of your email address account settings. That is the quickest way to clean the trash folder and everything else in the application. After doing this you will need to setup your email address account in the application again.

                  To clean the trash folder only, open the email application. Press the menu button and then folders. You should have a trash folder. The delete function should be similar to how it works in the inbox. Be careful though, depending on how your account is setup you might delete those same emails from email server no matter if they are in the server's inbox or the trash folder on the server.

                  Clearing the data for the email application will not delete the emails from the server.
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                    Apparently the trash folder was full.  I deleted every email which brought up my internal memory back up to 124 mb.  I wonder why Verizon did not tell me this.  If you look in the manuals there is no mention to this. Everyone should take notice on the email accounts.  You mention that clearing the emailing data account was the easiest.  But I was afraid to this because I was afraid I would clear out everything including my email account.  So I did it the hard way.  One group of emails at a time.  I had almost 3000 emails.  Took quite a long time, but its all back to normal.  Thanks for the help.

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                      Glad you're up and running again.
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                        Forgot to mention, you may want to every so often go into the trash folder and clear it out again. Otherwise someday that low warning will pop up again.
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                          I'm glad you were able to get this resolved. We do recommend deleting trash and cache often to clear up memory on the device. 

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